Using a Samsung Phone is sometimes tricky without the knowledge of the hidden settings. These cool hidden features enrich your experience with Samsung phones. You may be using your Samsung unaware of its valuable features such as taking a screenshot with your palm swipe, fingerprint lock, and glove mode among others. No need to worry! Here is a list of some Samsung hidden features that you should know:

  • 12. Take photos with your voice

Your Samsung phone has a feature that allows you to use your voice to take a picture. A simple voice command can help you activate the shutter. You can choose from ‘Cheese,’ ‘Capture,’ or ‘Smile’ for taking pictures. You can also say ‘Record video’ to capture footage. These commands work for both front and back cameras.  To activate it, tap settings on your camera app, scroll to voice control option and turn it on.

  • 11. Let the keyboard learn how you type

Samsung keyboard has various features like the predictive text feature as well as the dedicated number row that makes it complete. The predictive function guesses the word that you intend to type next. Nevertheless, you can make your keyboard sync with some of your phone contacts and apps like Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook. To get this moving, you need to go to your phone Settings>Language and input, then, tap the icon of settings next to the keyboard of your phone, then, tap to predictive text and then scroll down and select personalization features that you want to be enabled.

  • 10. Run 2 apps on the screen at once

Some people think that it’s only the Galaxy Note phones that can run two apps at once. This is a misconception as Samsung’s ‘Multi Window’ feature allows this. The feature can be enabled through swiping down two fingers from the notification bar or through getting into the Settings app. 

You can access multi-window view through pressing the button of multitasking. In other Samsung phones, you need to press and hold its back button.

  • 9. Change quick settings options

The quick setting menu will help you save time while using your Samsung smartphone. Maybe you are always on the move, and you need to set your device on airplane mode. It is not a must to keep accessing it from the settings menu. All you have to do is swipe down on the screen, then tap the grid button, and then tap the pencil button. From there, you’ll be in a position to drag and drop shortcut buttons wherever you want.

  • 8. You can keep backlit keys always on

The keys beneath Samsung’s display turn off immediately after locking the device. If you wish to keep the keys backlit for certain duration, go to Settings and select Display. Scroll down and tap the duration that you would prefer. You can also select “Always on” if you would prefer it that way.

  • 7.  Keep pictures and files private

Samsung Galaxy S5 was the first Samsung device to cater to the confidentiality and privacy of its users. The private mode feature only allows you to access confidential files and photos, and once you turn it off, no one else can access them. To activate Private Mode, go to the quick setting menu by dragging your finger down from the top of the screen and then tap the private mode icon. You will be requested to identify yourself, either via pin, password, pattern or fingerprint. Once it’s activated, select the one or more items that you would consider “private” then tap move to private.

  • 6. Use phone single handed

A large screen is a privilege when you are watching visual content, but it can be quite tricky especially when you want to operate your phone using one hand. Samsung has managed to address the issue by coming up with a screen shrinking mode that enables you to easily access numbers on the dial pad or an icon without overstretching your thumb across the screen. When you go to settings menu, select one-handed operation and toggle the button on or slide your finger from the right edge of the screen and back to the edge in a relatively swift motion. To exit, you need to hit the top right corner of the shrunken screen.

  • 5. Use the phone as a remote

The Smart Remote feature on most Samsung devices (peel powered) works magic when you’re watching TV. It links-up with the IR blaster to control your TV, as you can change the channel by simply tapping your display. The app gives notifications on the program line-ups on other channels, and there is no need for channel surfing. All you have to do is to select your region (U.S.), the cable provider and proceed with personalizing recommendations or you can opt to follow a short setup process for your TV control.

  • 4. Take a screenshot with a palm swipe

On most Android phones you can take a screenshot by simply pressing down the volume button along with the power button. It is quite different on Samsung Galaxy phones because it requires you to press the power button and home button at the same time. The best thing about Samsung is that they have integrated a simpler way for you to take screenshots by just swiping your entire palm. Enable the Palm Screenshot feature on the phone settings.

  • 3. Fingerprint lock

Forget the passcode or pattern lock when it comes to your phone security. Using fingerprints is the most secure way to lock your phone. The biometric security method is the best as no two fingerprints are the same. The older Galaxy models used the less accurate swipe sensor accessible by swiping down from the display down to the home button. A new version similar to that of the iPhone’s TouchID where you place your finger over the home button is found on new Samsung phones.

  • 2. Change Settings to use the phone with gloves on

When the weather is cold, you can still use your Galaxy phone without taking the gloves off or freezing your fingers off. To be able to use your phone while still wearing regular, non-touch screen gloves you need to increase the phone’s display sensitivity from the phone settings. You can also switch the “Touch sensitivity” on and off on the quick settings menu by swiping two fingers down from the notification bar.

  • 1. Face or Voice unlock – also with signature or pattern

There is a cool way to lock your Samsung phone with your face. Face Unlock feature works through scanning your face with the front camera, and if it recognizes your face as the one used to set-it-up, it unlocks the phone. There is also an option to make it more secure by adding a special voice command to unlock by selecting “Face and voice” in the Screen lock settings. In the Galaxy Note, you can set-up a signature unlock feature which lets you unlock your phone by signing your name with the S Pen stylus.

I bet you didn’t know that your phone had that much potential! Samsung has improved over the years, becoming a contender to behold in the global market. Let us know in the comments below if you have any hidden features that we forgot to mention. We’d love to hear from you!