Ever look at the stars and wonder? Most people do. But if you find yourself all the more intrigued by the celestial outer space and everything stellar, you need an app to satisfy your interest.

Astronomy has always been a rather expensive hobby. You’d have to invest in lots of equipment and telescopes to enjoy what you love. But fear no more! There are a ton of apps out there that are developed specifically for astronomy enthusiasts. So, sit back, and enjoy this list of top 10 astronomy apps for Android devices:

One of the greatest things about this app is that it looks incredible beyond belief! Once you’re in the app, you’ll be greeted with an amazing live view of the sky at your current location. Not only that, but StarWalk will also play calm music in the background to add even more to the chill atmosphere.

But it’s not only about aesthetics, the app is fairly informative. You’ll notice objects in the sky. Once clicked, you’ll get a detailed image of it along with descriptive information. You can also search in the app using words or voice commands. You may use the time-slider to go back in time and observe the objects moving from one place to another.

Essentially, the app is offered for free. But if you opt for the premium version, you’ll enjoy StarWalk ad-free and even unlock objects that are offered with the paid version. It’s definitely worth a try.

Ever thought about Google Maps but for space? StartTracker might be just the thing. It’s pretty easy to navigate through and get the hang of all features. Mostly, you’ll be able to zoom into celestial objects that are in the middle of your screen. Once you get close to them, you’ll start learning more about their information and nature.

It looks captivating and doesn’t compromise the informative aspect behind it. It’s available both for free and premium.

SolarWalk 2 is an astronomy app that is more focused on our solar system and the sun. Since it’s been developed by the same team that worked on SkyWalk 2, it’s been completely optimized to satisfy astronomy enthusiasts.

You’ll get a clear view of the night sky, with a nice time bar that takes you through time to explore the changes in space and stellar objects. It has a ton of other features as well. Make sure to try it out, it’s available for both Android and iOS.

Dubbed as SkyWiki, this app is extremely informative, you’re going to be surprised. It functions like an encyclopedia, allowing you to control time and view the sky accordingly. Not only that, but you can also get a ton of information about certain celestial locations and trajectories.

The app also has a section filled with news and upcoming celestial events, if you’d like to check them out in real life. All of this comes free of charge! What are you waiting for?

One of the top rated astronomy apps, StarRover is your go-to solution for real-time reports. You can just hold your phone up to the sky and let StarRover take the lead. It will locate whatever is out there. It will also keep reporting as you move your phone around, showing you different constellations, planets and stars. It has an option to show you upcoming meteors and showers.

All of this comes at the mere price of $2. The app is backed with 88 constellations, 120,000 stars, various planets and their surrounding moons. This is surely a pick for those who are serious about the hobby. Did we mention is also looks incredibly mesmerizing?

Would you like to travel through space and time in the comfort of your neighborhood? SkySafari has all you ever dream of and more. It acts just like StarRover: you hold your phone up and point it anywhere in the sky. But this one is a bit more interactive. You get detailed objects, planets, constellations, along with their corresponding information.

It also shows you current space stations and satellites. You can easily zoom into space and locate the International Space Station from the comfort of your home. This app is a bit more realistic than the other ones. But it offers much richer graphics and detailed information of the galaxies. SkySafari should be on every astronomer’s smartphone.  

StarChart is an amazing stargazing application. It comes with three modes: one letting you view the sky just like any other app. Another allows you to take a walk around the solar system, viewing different objects and planets.

The third mode is just insanely interesting. It’s called “Moments in Time.” Once activated, the app gives you a long-tail of important celestial events that happened over time. This gives you the opportunity to explore the universe like you’ve never had before. You also have in-app purchases to unlock more features that will definitely enhance your experience.

Would you like to transform your Android smartphone into a mobile planetarium? Google’s former project is just the thing for you. SkyMap acts like an augmented reality (AR) application that take advantage of sensors in your phone to get geographical positions and translate them into a detailed star trail.

Constellations, planets, moons, all displayed in night mode to get you to feel the atmosphere even better. There’s also a time-travel feature that will allow you to view changes in the past. It’s definitely one of the top astronomy applications out there.

That’s it for now, everyone. Having an interest in astronomy and outer space is definitely something to admire. Technology has made it a lot easier to explore your hobby and get more acquainted with celestial creations.

Which astronomy app do you like the best? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!