We’re in the time of cord-cutting. We’re moving away from any traditional means to communication and technology. It got to the point that just using your phone signal for calls… is just too old school!

The thing is, not all of carriers support the option of WiFi calling. The term itself is just thrilling to hear. Imagine how many users, including you, have the worst coverage at your apartment. No matter what carrier you use, your place is haunted with concrete and metal that forbid you to use the cellular network.

So why not use WiFi instead? It’s actually one of the least known and used feature in Android. No one knows that you can call people through your number using a WiFi and not phone signal. I live in one of those buildings that when it was built, the engineers were a bit generous with concrete. I tend to pay for apps like Dingtone and for Skype credit to just call my friends without having to take a hike.

How Can I Activate Native Wi-Fi Calling in Android?

You might actually be using a carrier and a smartphone that support Wi-Fi calling without you even knowing it. It might not be enabled on your phone just yet, so let’s go over these simple steps.

  • Head to your Settings menu on your Android smartphone. Since the process might be different according to the OS version and the model of the phone, the easiest thing to do is just pull the search menu and type in “Wi-fi calling.”
  • You should see the Wi-Fi calling options popup on your screen. If not, and your phone is a little bit different than mine, you’ll be directed to a section of the Wi-Fi options. Just tap on it and look for Wi-Fi calling and you’ll find it there.
  • You’ll see that the toggle is turned off. Just turn it back on, and you’ll enjoy this amazing feature. You’ll also get to choose whether you prefer your calls using wi-fi calling or cellular signal automatically.

In case that you’re unable to do these steps, or just can’t find the wi-fi calling options on your phone, you’ll have to do something else. Here are some ways you can call your friends through wi-fi in your situation:

Can’t Find Wi-Fi Calling Options? Download an app

Dingtone screenshot

The easiest way to fix your situation quickly and start using Wi-Fi for calling is to download an app from the Play Store. You might want to opt for Skype or Facebook Messenger. They’re highly popular, obviously, and all of your friends most probably are using one or the other.

In the case of Skype, you’d be paying money to use that feature. You pay to purchase these Skype credits that you can use to make calls to any phone number. It’s not bad, and it works just as fine as any other calling app.

But if you’re paying anyway, you might go for Dingtone. You have the ability to show your number on the recipient’s end while using the app. Of course, you need purchased credits to do that. But heck, you can even get some free ones if you view some ads. It’s a good way to try out the app without having to pay for it instantly.

Rooting Your Phone to Get Wi-Fi Calling

It seems that you’re completely determined to do this. You’ve tried everything, you’ve used a couple of apps for quite some time, but you’re just fixated on enabling that feature on your Android phone. The last chance for you might actually be in rooting your Android device. You’ll find that written a lot on the internet.

Using rooted and unlocked phones can grant you a lot more capabilities and customization options. Some bloggers are even complaining about why Wi-Fi calling is not just a standard that is available to all phones and all carriers. He goes on to explain why he uses unlocked phones and how much he needs this feature in his dead-zone apartment.

If you’re thinking about rooting your device, you have to be a little careful. You have to pay high attention to detail and instructions in order to complete the whole process successfully. Make sure that you understand the steps before you attempt to do anything. You might actually damage something if you’re just messing around. You can read more about it here. Just always remember to be wise when choosing this option.

You can still do some tricks without rooting your device. But if you got yourself a rooted phone and managed to enable the feature, hooray! Enjoy calling your friends and loved ones without having to worry if the signal drops and where the dead-zones are.

What would you prefer to do in that situation? Would you just use an app or resolve to rooting your phone and getting the feature? We hope that your particular smartphone supports Wi-Fi calling and you got it turned on easily. Let us know all about it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!