Youtube Music Is The New Thing

According to research, YouTube is simply the most visited website in the US in 2019 and one of the most-viewed websites on the planet. Youtube’s amazing video platform registers over 1 billion of organic views. There must be a reason for this hype, right?

Times Have Changed Rapidly

It is no surprise that millions of people access the Youtube platform not just for the videos, but also for the music. Years and years ago a famous TV Channel launched only for music videos and music-related shows, which was MTV.

Nowadays, everything is set online and all the music on the market is sooner or later uploaded to Youtube. 

If you’re looking for interviews with your favorite artist, a music video from a certain band or even to listen to music, Youtube has everything you’re looking for.

Youtube Music: Is it the new thing for audio entertainment?

Audio Entertainment

It took some time to build this idea but noticing the power of music on its platform, Youtube has decided to launch a music streaming service. 

With YouTube Music, the platform is ready to take over again, this time in the audio streaming market. Youtube Music has a unique user-friendly interface and the biggest content library on the market. YouTube Music has come to stay and compete with the big players like Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

Let’s be realistic, using YouTube Music as a free subscriber is not a walk in the park for Android users. You will face a lot of unwanted Ads and so on. The app is intended to be this way, meaning it works so much better for paid subscriptions, and of course, the premium plan is worth it.

What has changed over the years?

Phone Music in the Car

YouTube Music app has developed a lot since its launch in May 2018. But there is still room for improvement. Some critics are already flying over the web, questioning its library management and casting quality. 

The service is good, but some fixes could improve the user experience as well. What people don’t pay attention to, is that Google has billions of clients already on its services every day. They will eventually migrate all of its Play Music subscribers to YouTube Music. 

That already means a breakthrough in the music streaming market. Youtube Music and Google Play Music will mix their features. For example, the free 50,000 song box on Google Play Music will remain in Youtube Music.

Google currently has 2 different libraries that are disconnected from each other –  to be changed soon. But for now, Google Play Music users can choose between the two platforms. You’ll see a more in-depth comparison between these 2 services below.

But How Good Youtube Music Is Compared To Other Services?

Online Music Services in 2020

Let’s go over the main points regularly asked by users when comparing Youtube Music and other big players on the market.

Youtube Music vs Amazon Music

Amazon Music Streaming Service

Audio quality: Amazon Music Unlimited offers a 256kbps while Youtube Music offers a 256kbps AAC – equivalent to 320kbps.

Bugs: While Amazon has its share of bugs already fixed in the past, Youtube Music is currently going through that process and some users keep complaining about a large number of bugs in the app. Youtube Music’s catalog is amazing and near endless. You can find all songs from your youth and have a great time. We are not sure that you will find all those classics on Amazon for a while.

We strongly advise you to check the Youtube Premium instead of the Youtube Music Premium. The first one gives you much more for the price, check the differences before closing a deal.

Youtube Music vs Spotify

Spotify Premium

Spotify has spent the last decade creating a loyal army of users, building complex algorithms (better than Google’s) and a reputation as the leader in the music streaming market.

If we had to list the features any player would need to beat Spotify, it would be: Brand Power (name), great value in the market, and updates in the state-of-the-art level, a greater music selection, etc.

That said, this new challenger has it all and it is coming fast to dethrone Spotify.


Both players offer free and paid subscriptions.

Spotify Premium costs $9.99/month for the individual user and $14.99/month for a family plan (up to 6 users with one billing address).

YouTube Music Premium costs $9.99/month for the individual user and $14.99/month for a family plan. 


YouTube Music is available in 17 countries while Spotify is available in 60+ countries.


For an extra $2/month you can also get Youtube Premium – with no ads and background playback enabled for many Google apps like Youtube Music, Youtube VR, Youtube Kids and so on.

Spotify has a catalog of 30 million songs, while YouTube Music doesn’t open its catalog size. We can assume that the real number would be far over Spotify’s catalog if you add every live concert footage, music videos, and remixes on Youtube.

Youtube Music vs Google Play Music

Google Play Music

This comparison is a little hard to do because they are both Google services. You’ll get a subscription for both by just choosing one of these players. Google Play Music is the old brother and it has been around since 2011. The app had its last major change in 2013. Since then, no big changes were made to the interface. 

YouTube Music is available since 2015 but had improvements since Youtube Premium and other features launch.

YouTube Music looks better than Google Play Music. With its dark background just like Spotify, Youtube Music offers more current tab options similar to other big players on the market.

Google does not want us to know but what makes sense is to have Google Play Music replaced by Youtube Music, probably in a few years.We hope you were able to learn more about Youtube Music and compare it to other options to see what best suits your needs. Happy listening!