If you are here and about to read this, you probably would have thought until now that moving WhatsApp data from two of your beloved devices, Android and iPhone isn’t possible and it’s the end of the world and nothing’s going to change it. WAIT! That’s not the case. Hear me out!

You probably know about WhatsApp, the all-time popular chatting app with over 2.5 billion users. However, all charming facts aside, it has a terrible issue with the inability of automatically syncing WhatsApp data when moving from Android to iOS devices or vice versa.

Migrating WhatsApp Chat Messages from iPhone to Android and Vice Versa

There are no direct means for transferring GBs of WhatsApp data among different platforms as the company hasn’t approved of one! Their audacity, huh! Until now, a direct method for the transfer of data between Android and iPhone has not been released. But according to WhatsApp, it will be possible by the end of this year. Let’s hope so!

The reason is that there is no way to connect Google Drive with iCloud (until now). Both devices use different methods to sync chats, call history, and other crucial data. Android uses Google Drive as its cloud backup whereas iPhones use iCloud to backup WhatsApp’s encrypted data.

Because of no connectivity between the two platforms, direct transfer of data is not possible. However, an indirect transfer or some other methods can be used to accomplish the task. Well, don’t be afraid! There ARE other methods for transferring data. So, buckle up your USB-C to Lightning Cables because they are gonna come in pretty handy.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages and Data Easily Between Android and Apple

Let us first look into transferring data (especially chats) from an iPhone to an Android 12. By doing some OS tweaks in their latest Android release, Android 12, Google has made data transfer between iOS and Android possible.

This feature has been made available for Pixel phones at the moment in the new Android 12 release. The other lads will have to wait a little bit for it to be brought to their devices.

The steps are simple. Just get an Android 12 phone and reset it. Bring out the game-changer, the USB-C to Lightning cable, and plug it in both the phones. Now follow the instructions if you want a full data or partial data transfer. After this, transfer your desired data and scan the QR code on iPhone which will be displayed latterly. That will lead to a WhatsApp pop-up. Press Start and you are done with the hassle!

Transferring data between a Samsung and an iPhone device is almost the same. Reset your Samsung phone. Use the in-built smart-switch app which will prompt for the device connection that can be made by connecting the transfer wire with both your phones. Follow the instructions and press Import. Set up your Samsung device and sign in to WhatsApp using the same login details and you’re good to go!

These methods look easy enough and work just fine. However, you might lose your call history but losing small is better than losing it all! Hope you’ve found our little guide helpful & you’ve managed to transfer your Whatsapp messages quickly.