• Relaxing to play
  • Lite on your smartphone
  • Easy to understand
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Fun upgrades & rewards


  • Some ads now and then

Well, I’m not usually the type of guy who plays games like FishingLife. When I was first introduced to this nifty little thing by Nexelon inc, I wasn’t expecting much. But ten minutes into the game, I was actually sold! As a smartphone game, this one is definitely worth your while.

FishingLife Gameplay

You begin as an amateur fisherman with a small boat. Your main purpose is to collect some level-1 fish so you can upgrade and catch bigger ones. Once you catch something, you have the option to either sell it, keep it in your fishnet, or move it to your personal aquarium. When you keep your fish in the aquarium, it would generate gold over a period of time before you sell it. You can also choose to use your caught fish as a bait to get something a little bit bigger next time.

FishingLife Waters

As you go on with the game, you have to upgrade you fishing rod to be able to handle level-2 and level-3 fish. You’ll also upgrade your line to dig deeper into the waters. Once you collect enough gold, you can buy a new boat. This would allow you to open more distance in the map, and discover new ocean life.

Each type of fish has a certain price when sold. When you achieve new levels and upgrade the skills of your fisherman, the price of each fish goes up a little. Overall, the game is quite atmospheric and relaxing. Its rewards are not hard to attain, and definitely feel good to come across. You might want to give it a go!