App Flame




  • Simple and easy to download
  • Lots of games integrated
  • Turn rewards into real cash
  • Guaranteed & fair


  • Earnings are not that much

If you are into gaming in general, or have spare time and like to play it smart, then this app might appeal to you. Today we are presenting to you the app flame review. 

App flame is like any other money earning apps; it offers you lots of applications within it including games to make money from, and you choose based on your personal preferences. It is available for free and can be installed on Android and IOS smart phones. The app flame does not require much knowledge to deal with, it is suitable for all ages, has a wide collection of games, but how does it make you gain money?

App Flame Review

As promised we will provide you with a transparent app flame review, so as to dig deeper through the experience of you’ll get out of it. App Flame allows you to collect coins every second you play by installing it and gaming for a couple of hours in return. You earn coins then send them to your PayPal account through the app or you can choose receiving gift cards instead.

How many coins do you need to start making actual money?

App Flame Screenshots

Based on the experience of the gamers and users of the app flame application, for the 4999 coins you collect while playing, you receive $ 0.5. The more you collect coins, the richer you get. As for the 9898 coins, you gain $1. The amount of money you will earn might not be much, yet it is effortless.

Obviously, you can’t rely on this as your source main of income. However, we tend to spend hours on end surfing through social media with no purpose. If you’d like to turn some of that time into coins, this app might just be the right thing for you.

Go ahead and try it out yourself! If not, check out these amazing hidden gem apps that you probably never knew existed on Android.