Black Shark 3 Pro Gaming Device

Black Shark recently launched its new flagship gaming device Black Shark 3 Pro, which is, in fact, designed to redefine the mobile gaming industry.

Mobile gaming has been on a boom after Tencent released PUBG Mobile, which is nowadays redefining how consumers choose their mobile phones. This is true especially in South-East Asia and South Asia, where mobile gaming is seen to change the competitive scenario. This phone might be the one that changes the definition of proper smartphone gaming in the world.

Till today, content creators and gamers usually choose iPhones or iPads as their primary gaming devices, in spite of the fact that phones like ASUS ROG Phone or previous Black Shark devices existed. This was mainly due to some performance issues that were absent in the iOS devices due to their mind-blowing optimization techniques. But this phone might change the perspective of many content creators and gamers due to its exceptional specs and its exclusive gaming features.

Features and Specs:

Gaming Specs and Features

Black Shark 3 Pro is loaded with extravagant features like a Snapdragon 865 5G chipset, a 7. I-inch 2K screen with a 270 Hz refresh rate, and a humongous 5000 mAh battery and 8 gigs of RAM on the inside.

Other basic specs include an in-display fingerprint scanner; triple camera set-up (64-megapixel, 13-megapixel, along with 5-megapixel on the rear. The front camera is 20 MP; and the device also comes with a dedicated headphone jack.

Another mind-boggling feature is the 65 Watts power brick for charging this device which is indeed huge in comparison with other devices out there on the market. This not only ensures a lightning-fast charging, but can also be a great help for streamers, for whom 6+ hr streams were difficult due to the low power rating of chargers.

Black Shark 3 Pro Gaming Kit

This device is equipped with 2 Master trigger controls on the broader side of the phone, which pop out as soon as the user launches the gaming mode. Another feature in the cap is the exclusive cooling accessory (sold separately) which can be used to keep the heating issue at bay and, to some extent, help do a bit of overclocking on the device too.

This device can also be equipped with a tactical control accessory which can transform this mobile phone to give a PSP or Nintendo Switch experience. Last but not the least, the RGB lighting in this device makes it look even cooler, in case you’re not already impressed by its stunning design and extraordinary build quality.

Undoubtedly; Black Shark 3 Pro is expected to be a mobile-gamers’ paradise with its extensive gaming features. It’s not that this type of smartphones didn’t hit the markets. But, as a matter of fact, none of them were as well equipped and well designed as this one. Black Shark is probably keeping its fingers crossed and hoping for a boom that might change the gaming smartphone market forever.