Does Your Smartphone Have Covid-19? How to Disinfect

Does Your Smartphone Have Covid-19?

Whenever we think of harmful things in regards to our devices, malwares come to mind. While they’re extremely harmful to your device, they won’t really inflict your own body with anything.

But can smartphones carry diseases and real viruses? Well, think about it. Our devices carry with us everything along the way. They have our pictures, contacts, memories and history. Along that journey of accumulation, your device interacts with the outer world.

It goes to the dentist with you, keeps you company on your way to work. It’s always exposed to bacteria where it is put. It’s like a public property that is never cleaned.

Your Hands Touch Your Phone at All Times

Touching Your Phone

We’re always told to wash our hands, right? It’s for our health and to kill most bacteria and viruses that come in contact with us. But what’s the use of washing your hands if you’re going to touch your phone again?

If your hands touch some surface that is populated with bacteria, they’re going to be stuck on your skin. You’ll probably touch your phone as well, which will have those kinds of bacteria as a response. If you’re not cleaning your phone, and just thinking about your hands, you’re honestly doing it all wrong.

One thing you own that should be disinfected regularly is your smartphone. It’s constantly in contact with different elements throughout the day. Even your friends touch your phone to check something online or a text you’re bragging about. But how can we do so?

How to Clean Your Smartphone with Wipes

Disinfecting Your Smartphone with Wipes

Since we’re going through a global pandemic, the CNN reported the best practices you should do to clean anything off your device. Of course, you don’t want to use an ill method that would damage your beloved gadget.

Some users would just spray their device with alcohol. That could damage your smartphone in so many ways. First of all, it could take off the coatings that help keep your phone safe from water and other elements. Here’s how to do it properly:

  • Unplug your smartphone from any chargers and turn it off.
  • Get some wipes with nonabrasive substance; something like Clorox wipes.
  • Swipe slowly on your device’s screen, and try to avoid touching any ports.
  • Swipe around the mic, charging port, and also the speaker at the top of your screen.
  • Once you’re satisfied with how clean it got, let it dry out a little.

Your phone should be completely dry in five minutes or so. Wash your hands and then turn it back on. Repeat this process as much as you can to disinfect your device and help stop the spread of corona.

What about Fingerprint Traces on Smartphone Screen?

Cleaning Fingerprint Traces on Smartphone

It’s quite annoying to find your phone’s screen smeared with fingerprint traces whenever you use it. You can’t really stop that from happening. Your skin is constantly producing oil as you touch your phone.

The only fix to that is to clean your screen with something that has microfiber. You can make it just a little bit damp with distilled water. But also, you should stay away from any ports. Avoid having the cloth drop any kind of water on your device.

Just a regular swipe should do the trick for you. You don’t really have to go overboard. And that’s all we have for now. Make sure to disinfect your device as much as you can these days. It’s always better to stay healthier and cleaner. Cleaning your smartphone with a disinfectant will most definitely help stop the corona virus from lingering on the gadget. Stay safe!


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