New Facebook Dark Mode

If you are wondering about the latest rumors about Facebook’s new mode, and seeking answers. Well, what you have heard was right. Facebook is about to add a dark mode to their application.

Since Google, Twitter, and WhatsApp have different display modes to choose from, Facebook decided to join the party as well. They uploaded it last year, but as an attempt to test it out. It’s not officially rolled out as they made it to test its flaws and the reaction of the users first.

Speaking of Dark modes, they are much better as they can be used at night easily, not too bright on eyes and can be quite chic. It also lends an elegant design; and who doesn’t appreciate elegance? Facebook has not launched it to the public yet, but it should be out pretty soon.

How you as a user will know? Well, Facebook as a company when they launch a new feature, they like to make a big fuss about it. You will receive a notification once they announce the new updates.

Facebook has been doing some good updates on their social media website recently. This could be attributed to complaints made by their users, and also to change how their platform feels every now and then. They are constantly redesigning their site.

How Can I Get Dark Mode on Facebook?

If you ever felt like trying the dark mode, or the new design, you can open your profile from their site, then click on the arrow near to your profile picture, and activate Dark mode. As for the new design, all you have to do is to update your app to the latest version.