FCC Is Putting an End to Robocallers in 2020

FCC is Putting an End to Robocallers in 2020

Robocallers are annoying and spammy. Would you like to get rid of them forever? Well, the FCC is enforcing new regulations to help end the spam once and for all.

Mobile phone operators should adopt SHAKEN/STIR policy, which can help fight unwanted robocalls on your cell phone network. It will eventually help the law enforcement authority to track the identity of spam callers or hidden callers. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the US has enforced the adaptation of the technology on all carriers, effective this year. As cell phone users of the USA are disturbed by the robocalls, authentication of Caller ID will ease their pain to some extent.

It came into everyone’s attention when the chairman of FCC, Ajit Pai shared his irritated experience about robocalls and spam calls. This regulation has been made to fight the nuisance created by robocallers. If authorities enable this software, this will, in the long run, help the user to get rid of unwanted calls as they will be able to catch the unauthorized call on prior notice.

No More Spam Calls in 2020

As estimated, US citizens have lost nearly $10 billion due to spam calls. It’s an insane amount of money wasted on something that can be avoided. This is why FCC has strongly recommends every cell phone authority to accept the SHAKEN/STIR protocol. Those who refuse to comply will be penalized.

As cell phone users, we rely heavily on our network to conduct our daily remote connections. When the signal is not working properly, we get extremely agitated. Same thing goes for robocallers. When they interrupt our smooth process of calling one another, we lose time. Some even lose their money to the complicated scheme these callers seem to promote.

Stay safe; don’t interact with numbers you don’t know. Any authorized party will make effort to identify their party before asking for your personal information. What the FCC is doing can be considered bold, and should surely prove effective. If you’d like to read more on the matter, head to the full article now.

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