Find out weather for your exact location

We all rely on our phones to check the weather nowadays more than the guy on TV. There’s a ton of apps out there detailing how sunny or gloomy your day will be, and whether it’s going to rain or not. It’s easy and convenient to find a weather app that works. However, to get accurate weather information for your exact location is a pain in the butt!

It’s always advised to depend on reliable sources when it comes to weather forecasting. Having too many apps and options on the market is a bit confusing, we know. This is why we compiled a list with the most trusted and accurate service providers. Here are the best ways you can check the weather for your exact location:

The National Weather Service:

The National Weather Service

If you’re looking to get the most accurate weather information, you must turn to the pros. Most apps rely on the National Weather Service to get their data. So, why not try the source yourself? It’s better to get your weather readings and predictions from those who actually have weather stations around the globe. They’re the people issuing weather alerts to news stations, which you should always heed.

You can easily get an accurate forecast for your exact location. Simply choose your city or state, or you can just type in your zip code to be more specific. The website will provide you with the current weather conditions, in addition to future predictions. You can also check further analysis of weather patterns and conditions: precipitation chances, climate conditions, historical highs and lows and long-term readings. Whether you’re interested in meteorology or just want accurate weather forecast, this would be your go-to website!

Weather Underground:

Weather Underground Screenshot

Another option is Weather Underground. It’s considered a trustworthy resource for many meteorologists, storm chasers, and regular folks like you who just would like to get an accurate forecast. The website used to operate independently, but was purchased by The Weather Channel back in 2012. It collects data from more than 100,000 personal weather stations across the country.

The design of the website is fairly decent and offers you weather information right off the bat. In addition to that, it hosts interesting blog posts written by weather enthusiasts relating to current events, climate issues, and both local and global weather.

What makes Weather Underground one of a kind is their Wundermap. It’s a full-screen map that is quite informative for you to check what’s happening in your own community. It’s customizable, so you can toggle layers as much as you want. And you can simply get detailed information related to any area of your choice. The website also offers raw data for a small fee, in addition to other services. So, if you’re a geek about weather, this might be the best thing that happened in your life!

Dark Sky App:

Our last pick had to be this amazing app called Dark Sky. It provides real-time forecasts for its users depending on where you’re standing, not your zip code. In other words, when the app says rain is coming, it’s coming your way, and not to your entire town!

The app also takes care of their geeky weather buffs, offering radar animations and detailed maps. There’s another cool feature called Time Machine. It lets you jump back in time and check historic information related to weather patterns and storms.

The great thing about using Dark Sky is their push notifications. You don’t even have to lift a finger and unlock your screen to know that bad weather is on its way. The app has lots of free features for Android users (bad luck iPhone lovers, you gotta pay), but buying the premium will unlock the full potential of this little weather devil.

It’s easy to find an app or service that forecasts the weather. But having a service that tells the conditions within your specific area is a real bliss. Try out the options we provided above to pick up weather information for your exact location. Let us know in the comments section below how it went. Will you be bringing an umbrella or will you rock a soft shirt to enjoy the breeze?