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Pico Tanks Review – Amazing Tank Game!

Pico Tanks Android Game Review

Okay, you have to admit that this one goes beyond your expectations! Pico Tanks entered the race of mobile games just recently. They follow the likes of other games, like Brawl Stars, but this one is definitely a unique render. You go through the game as a tank, with matches …

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GTA 6 – Is it Tokyo This Time?

GTA 6 in Tokyo

Bearing the idea on mind, Rockstar Games has arranged several trips to the Japanese capital. They visited Tokyo to plan a new chapter of the game mapped in the city. According to sources, the company is going to start a new version of the game depicting Tokyo city, which will …

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MyOasis Review – A Wholesome Android Game

A Beautiful Sanctuary

I don’t usually go for this type of games, but MyOasis is quite a nice relaxing sanctuary. Great thing about it is that you don’t really have to do any kind of effort. It’s considered an idle game, which you can enjoy freely at your leisure. The game is developed …

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This Fishing Game Is So Relaxing! – FishingLife

Well, I’m not usually the type of guy who plays games like FishingLife. When I was first introduced to this nifty little thing by Nexelon inc, I wasn’t expecting much. But ten minutes into the game, I was actually sold! As a smartphone game, this one is definitely worth your …

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