Buttons are long overdue, am I right? Since the touch screens have dominated every tech gadget we have, we use less buttons day by day. Tapping on your keypads is just so smooth and much better than pressing actual plastics all day long.

But sometimes, you need to adjust your keyboard settings to make it more comfortable. Maybe your device is a little bit long, and your hands won’t adapt to the default options. Some new designs feature bezel-less screen that can be a little bit too slippery if you’re trying to hit that particular key.

It can be a hassle sometimes to use your keyboard easily, and lots of apps have taken it upon themselves to offer new tweaks and keyboards for smartphone users. On top of them all comes Google with a really new cool feature that you’re just going to love!

What Is Google’s New Floating Keyboard?

Well, it’s obvious that Google rolled out this option to fit its new wave of bezel-less designs. Indeed, the company is always trying to find solutions that would benefit their customers. If your Gboard Android keyboard app is updated to 7.6 or later, you’ll be able to find and activate the new option easily.

What the option does is basically unlock your keyboard, allowing you to move it around as much as you like. You can move it a little bit higher up the screen to get a better grip on your phone. Many users have reported dropping their phones because they were typing, and the regular keyboard is just too near the end.

How to Add the Floating Keyboard to Your Android Phone

The first thing you need to do is to install the Gboard application if you don’t have it on your phone already. It’s a really cool little kit, and much better than other keyboard applications on the market. Once it’s downloaded and installed successfully, you can then go ahead and activate the new floating keyboard option.

On the top-left of your Gboard you’ll find a small icon dubbed as G for Google. You may click on that to prompt a menu on your screen. Find a three-dotted button on that menu to access more options. You will then find a couple of icons appearing where the keyboard is supposed to be. Just click on the icon for the floating keyboard option.

And now you’re good to go! Just drag it up and down whenever you’re typing, and the whole thing will be floating around as much as you like. If you’d like to disable the floating keyboard, just go through the instructions and click on the icon once again.

Do you have problems typing on your device?

As we said before, some smartphone designs might pose an issue for you while you’re trying to use the keyboard. But it doesn’t really stop at that. Some people have problems with long phones, whatever the model is.

It can be easier for some people to type on their phones. Maybe they’re really used to it, and they like the efficiency of having their device around at all times. Maybe they don’t require that much typing; and in your case, you’re just not satisfied with how your work is being done.

So, aside from testing Google’s amazing new floating keyboard, here are some tips if you’re struggling with your device’s keyboard while typing:

Try out a couple of keyboard apps

Since you’re downloading apps like there’s no tomorrow, you might go ahead and try a couple of keyboard apps. Some users don’t really pay that much attention to keyboard apps, since any smartphone comes with a default one.

However, developers have addressed the matter of keyboard issues through providing multiple solutions on the market. The wise thing to try out at the moment is Gboard. Give yourself sometime to adjust to it and see how things would go. If you’re still not satisfied, you might want to look into more options by other developers.

Most keyboard apps are free of charge, so you won’t go through much hassle trying a couple of you’d like. Many users have found out that using a third-party keyboard has helped them tremendously in benefitting from their device.

How about a cool keyboard gadget?

You might think this is a little bit overboard, but some typing tasks on this planet require a little bit of help through actual buttons. Luckily, manufacturers have made tons and tons of amazing keyboard gadgets for smartphone users.

Most of these keyboards are pretty compact and use Bluetooth to connect to your device. If you’re the kind of person who has a long list of typing requirements, you might find it really handy to pack a small keyboard alongside your device. Maybe you have a lot of emails to respond to; and just tapping on your device’s screen isn’t enough anymore.

These options are mostly pretty cheap and quite efficient. You don’t really have to break your budget in order to get one. Just look through the market for some options and read customers’ reviews before making a final decision.

Touch screens are pretty smooth and easy to navigate. Still, some users suffer while trying to reach their keyboard. Google has offered a great solution through their new addition to Gboard, the floating keyboard mode. Make sure to try out and your online experience might be enhanced tremendously.

What do you think of this amazing new feature by Google? Are you already using it on your Android device? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!