Companies tend to hunt any available opportunities to collect human data and process it through AI. This has always enticed a controversy among the tech bloggers. One of the main companies that are always questioned about their use of cookies and search data is Google. But will they ever stop? (Please don’t!)

Every now and then, you get a new viral app that does something with our faces. Have you ever questioned why? Well, these apps actually go viral to collect your data. They invest so much money in marketing in order to appeal to international audience. Once they’re incredibly popular, they get to accumulate data in bulk. These bits of information are extremely valuable.

“Google has a lot of ways to gather data on users, but likely in preparation for the Pixel 4, the company has a new method in place. Apparently, Google employees are stopping random people in the street and giving them $5 gift cards in exchange for their face data, probably to train models for the Pixel 4’s facial recognition.”