Google Maps have improved drastically over the years. You can now do so much more than just checking the directions using the service. We’re always on the move, and having a good geographical sense is something useful to acquire.

Google now makes you do so much using its maps. You might be on the road driving somewhere, just to find an accident blocking your way. You can easily report that on Google Maps for the next driver to avoid it. You can also share your live location with friends to assist you, or even let them know where you’re at.

There are so many ways to benefit from Google Maps nowadays, depending on the situation. Here are some great features that Google offers and how to use them:

Share Trip Progress with Your Friends

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re late to the party and everyone is waiting for you? It feels awful to be waiting for someone not knowing exactly where they are. Well, Google found a creative solution for that. You can now easily share the progress of your trip with your chosen friends.

Make sure that you have the latest version of Google Maps. Once you’re on the road, search for your exact destination and then activate Directions to navigate to it. When you’re in navigation mode, you can easily swipe up to uncover a menu that has the Share Trip progress feature. You may click on that and then choose your preferred contact to share the progress with.

It’s a really cool feature and fairly simple to use while driving. It can also be used to track your children on their way from school or some other place. It’s just convenient and can be useful in many situations.

Be On Top of Accidents and Speed Traps

Back in the days, Google Maps lacked a lot of features. It didn’t have any options in regards to traffic conditions and reporting. Now, and after buying the incredible navigation app Waze, Google is starting to integrate high-tech features.

If you’re familiar with Waze, you’re probably having it way easier than Google Maps users. The app works just like any other navigation app, but it has its own kind of integrated social media. You can connect with other drivers and share traffic conditions, report police and speed traps and many other things.

Google is now integrating these features into their maps application. Some users started to experience changes in their app, asking them for example if an accident that was reported by another user is still there in that exact place. It’s just incredible to see Google Maps evolving. I guess we’ll have to wait and see the final product.

Snap Maps and World Effects

Aside from Google Maps, Snapchat is adding something really cool to their maps. Recently, they launched an update with Weather and World Effects that functions within Snap Maps. Basically, the new feature puts some effects around your location that match the forecast in that place.

Let’s say you’re standing somewhere where it’s raining heavily. You’ll get that effect on the top of your Bitmoji, letting you and others know what’s going on at that specific location. You can access these effects by zooming in on one of the Bitmojis on the map.

It’s just incredible how navigations apps are starting to get creative and develop more features for their users. We might be seeing some miraculous features in the upcoming future!

Google Maps is now stronger than ever. Google is developing its navigation app to be an unyielding contender on the top of a long list of applications. What do you usually use for your navigation needs? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!