GTA 6 in Tokyo

Bearing the idea on mind, Rockstar Games has arranged several trips to the Japanese capital. They visited Tokyo to plan a new chapter of the game mapped in the city. According to sources, the company is going to start a new version of the game depicting Tokyo city, which will become a big attraction to GTA Grand Theft Auto lovers.

The company has designed games in various cities. It has imagined making games on many more cities such as Bogota, Sin City, and so on. However, due to some undisclosed reason, these plans were kept under the table.

The new version of this game named “Grand Theft Auto: 6” is being planned and designed. However, there have not been any official announcements about the place where the game is going to be based on.

Before making any game based on a city, the makers of GTA visit to examine the place to know better about the surroundings of the place. They try to know better if the place is suitable for gamers and the features of the game. They want each of their projects to be perfectly accomplished. For this, they have visited Tokyo city several times since 2003, which has created curiosity among gamers about the upcoming game.

Will the game be actually based on Tokyo? That would honestly be amazing. The capital receives millions of tourists every year. Will gamers be virtually among these visitors? This would honestly lend the game a whole new perspective. It would also put more spotlight on the city, as GTA is known internationally by both amateur and seasoned gamers.

Let us know in the comments below if you’d like to experience GTA in Tokya, or would you prefer another city? We’re always happy to hear your suggestions.