Hackers Can Access Your Phone through ‘xHelper’ Malware!

Hackers Can Access Your Device with xHelper Malware

You’ve probably heard that term before. Malware is a type of software that keeps installing malicious Trojans on your cell phone, having once breached the security system on the device.

Through this process of downloading Trojan and accessing the device, it creates a disorder in the phone, and the information of that device becomes accessible to the malware creators or hackers.

As this malware software is set deep in files and apps, they are not easily found when searched. Even if they are found, they do not get vanished or deleted so easily. According to tech specialists, a malware tends to get back to your device after doing a factory reset. Android users are at great risk of xHelper because they’re hardly detectable.

Hacking in 2020

Not only this, xHelper collapses the system by creating nested programs in the phone. A researcher from Kaspersky named Igor Golovin has shared this information publiclu through his blog and people came across to know this malware. Although the whole thing was discovered last year, Golovin has only came to know about the breeding process of the malware now.

While Google play store might not be a risky zone for malicious apps, some third-party app stores definitely are. This is why users should stay safe under the Google Play Protect system, which blocks almost 1.9 million apps that may create a threat to the device.

As a smartphone user, you better use caution when surfing the web and downloading files. Cyber-criminals are always on the lookout for any loopholes that they can conquer and get hold of user devices. Don’t attempt to download anything suspicious, and try to verify the identity of the website you’re on. Specialists say that most of the fight against cyber-criminals lay in the hands of phone users themselves. It’s honestly much better to be safe than sorry; our digital information is precious, and it’s not an easy deal to lose something like that.

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