Imagine being in a gathering, and a child messes with your phone. A horrific feeling no one wants to experience. But what’s more terrible is to find out that they started scrolling through your personal information. If you are an Android user, today is your day as Google play has a new app to help you out with averting these situations.

Hidden Eye is your new body guard. Whoever tries to hack, or unlock your phone, Hidden Eye takes a picture of that person using the front camera of your smart phone. If your front camera is broken or your phone has only a lens on the rear, you don’t have to worry.

Hidden Eye App

Hidden Eye will record the time that person try to unlock your smart phone. Note that the application works on some phones, and it doesn’t work on others. To download and activate it follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, go to Google play, write Hidden Eye and download it. You can simply click on this link.
  • Secondly, after making sure it’s installed installed, activate the security mode by enabling it.
  • Then, activate the ALERT ME option. This option vibrates your phone when someone tries to unlock the password.
  • You may also activate the sound alarm. The sound alarm works after 3 failed attempts of unlocking your phone; it starts to make a loud noise to notify you.
  • Finally, the pictures of the intruder will be saved in a file titled in the name of the app. Now you are ready and your phoned is secured no matter who tries to open it.

The world is full of nosy people. You might be sharing an apartment with some flatemates that would just love to access your personal information. Control your digital realm and keep the intruders away. If you’d like to learn more about keeping intruders away from your phone, head to the article we just linked.