How to Backup Your Android Phone to PC

Okay, you have this companion to keep a part of you- your data. Smartphones are a significant part of our everyday life, a helpful companion. What we store in there can be so valuable to us that one can’t afford to lose it. 

Now, one thing you and I cannot give a full guarantee on is the safety of our information. It is not unlikely that the unexpected happens and the smartphone you so treasure is not able to provide the data stored in it. Either by accident or a technical fault, anything can go wrong.

So, an external backup comes in handy to save the situation. Good that the steps to backing up an Android phone to any PC are always right to the point and easy.  

Google takes care automatically- backup now!

Backup to Google Drive

If you have enough browsing data to spare, offering Google permission to do a backup of your info automatically is one easy one. It’s a simple basic step that you’ll find with many brands of smartphones. Generally, you will find an easy route by making the proper settings from Settings – Google – Backup. This may be different though depending on the type of mobile device you have. For instance, with the Samsung Galaxy brand of smartphones, the steps include Settings – Cloud – Backup.

Google backup gives you the choice to go with options in what to backup. If you’re not backing up the entire content of your storage, you can choose any of these and backup separately:

  • Contacts
  • Photos and videos
  • Call history
  • Wallpaper
  • Gmail settings
  • Language & input settings
  • Installed apps & settings
  • SMS text messages

It’s a huge list of options including calendar, docs, files, and others. The thing here is, you choose exactly what you want. Your configuration works here.But the thing is, your backup ends up somewhere in the cloud or on Goggle Drive depending on your chosen backup storage settings.

Alternatively, as described on this title, you can back up the whole phone content to your PC. External physical hardware like the PC is a cost-effective location for the backup of your phone. Why? 

The reason is obvious. You don’t need to spend money to transfer files from a smartphone to a PC if you own one already. Unlike transferring to Google Drive, a large amount of browsing data, specifically an equal amount to the amount of content size to be uploaded is required.

Whether you use a Mac or a PC, there are two easy ways you can backup your Android smartphone storage to your computer with little to no cost attached.

Manually or physically drag and drop files using a USB cable connected to PC

Backup Using a USB Cable for Android

By simply plugging your phone to a computer using a simple cable connection, you can transfer photos, videos, including other data manually. It’s a drag and drop approach. 


Plug your phone to the computer using the USB cable and this should give you a notification that allows you to mount your phone’s drive to the PC. If you have yours showing ‘charging via USB’, tap or pull down the top notification shade to choose the File Transfer option.

Open up the files on the smartphone and simply drag and drop to the PC hard drive.

Windows didn’t find my smartphone…

If that is a problem, it is probably caused by a cable issue. Not all USB cables can do a file transfer. Some are basically for charging, so try another.

If you use a Mac, you’ll need a third-party app- the Android File Transfer application. Run it to begin the transfer.

The second option is rarely needed in most cases but it’s an option. You can use a different app to transfer data from smartphone to your computer to back up its contents.


Syncdroid software

Get all the data you need down to your PC from your Android phone by leveraging the power of SyncDroid. It is a powerful Android to PC file transfer software. The good thing is it is available for free. SyncDroid allows users to transfer Contacts, camera photos, bookmarks, Audio and other items between PC and the smartphone with no hassle. Just a single-click and backup do the trick you need and in no time your backup is done swiftly.

This software is packed with a lot more.

You don’t just transfer, you can edit, check android data, and so much more outside the application. You get access to a lot of free resources as well. All these coming at no expense, value for your time! 

MobileGo Android Backup

Mobile Go Backup

Wondershare MobileGo Android Backup is a good choice to turn to for backups when it is an Android smartphone. With a single click, the premium software makes backing up your android phone to your PC an easy one. Whether messages, calendar history, among others are your preference use MobileGo, Android Backup. It’s such an easy one to carry out. A cross-platform oriented device, MobileGo Android Backup is a reliable tool that all users of the Android smartphone will find useful when a backup to a PC is needed. At $40, you simply get value for your money.

My Backup Pro

My Backup Pro

With just $7, a quick move to Google Play Store will place this powerful tool on your fingertips. My Backup Pro backups anything that is data, whether files, images, and everything called content you have stored on your smartphone. From your browser bookmarks to your contacts,  and app data, My backup Pro is a one-stop-shop that delivers as described. More still, you can schedule your backup and allow the software freedom to do the rest for you.

It’s a wise move never to lose any of your data stored on your smartphone. Don’t risk it by ignoring frequent backups. Good that Android phones can connect easily with your PC using a cable. In most cases, it is the same cable that accompanies your phone after purchase. It’s useable for both Backups and charging, NO excuse… Backup your smartphone to your PC today and be safe.