How to Connect JBL Speaker to Android

If you’re wondering how to connect a JBL speaker to an android device, it’s a piece of cake. JBL is one of the widely known brands for their amazing speakers and headphones.

Bluetooth speakers have been an essential device recently due to their multiple usages. They can be used in the formal and informal gatherings.  A Bluetooth speaker can also be used in weddings, movie nights, parties, or even during a presentation.

They suit different ages, and almost everyone. If you are a movie maniac, into parties, and want to know how to connect your device to your Bluetooth speaker, follow these steps. Connecting your android device to a Bluetooth speaker can be done in few steps:

Connect Your JBL Speaker to Android

  • Firstly, turn on your speaker. Then turn on both your device’s Bluetooth and your speaker’s;. To turn on the Bluetooth of the speaker, press the button which has the shape of Bluetooth.
  • Secondly, find your speaker’s name on your device’s Bluetooth. Search for it and if you didn’t find it, click on pair new devices. Choose your speaker once you find it.
  • Thirdly, confirm the pair. Once you confirm the pair, you don’t need to re-pair it when you use it again with the same device.
  • Finally, connect them to each other. The moment they are connected, you can freely use it and enjoy music as loudly as you want.

Extra Options for JBL Users:

JBL Speakers Pairing Together

While connecting speakers to smartphones won’t differ much depending on your chosen devices, JBL users get some extra features. If you run into a friend that has the same model of the JBL speaker you own, you’re both in for a treat!

If the two models are present, you probably can pair them together. This will allow each speaker to play either the right or left sound of the music… lending you an immersive stereo experience for your gatherings.

Just locate the button on each speaker that has an hourglass-like icon. Press the button on each speaker simultaneously. The gadgets would pick up other similar models in the area and connect together.

It’s honestly an amazing feature that you can try out with your friends. It will provide you with a much louder sound for your parties. Remember to not disturb your neighbors, or head to the woods! Let us know in the comments below if you’ve found these tips helpful. We’re happy so long as you are!