How to Delete All Emails At Once on Android Devices

Having a cluttered inbox can be quite a hassle. It becomes hard to find the important emails, and some conversations go unnoticed. What if we lived in a world where there’s no spam or annoying promotional fluff?

You ought to begin with yourself! Some have inquired how one may delete all emails instantly, without having to rigorously select one by one. When your inbox is filled with unnecessary emails, it can go up to thousands of results that you would like to get rid of. While it’s time-consuming to filter each email and read its contents, make sure to not delete important correspondents using these steps.

Also, you’d be advised not to interact with any emails that appear suspicious or come from unknown sources. In this article, we’ll offer you the complete guide to delete emails on Android, and how to adjust other features to optimize your mailing experience:

Why Would You Want to Clear Your Inbox?

Clean Your Inbox on Android

Keeping a bulk of emails in your inbox often becomes extremely hectic. These emails not only consume the storage capacity but also affect your Android device’s overall performance, especially those with attachments.

At some stage, we all want to get rid of useless emails from our inbox. However, deleting them one by one further annoys us and ultimately we discard the idea of cleaning our inbox by saying, “I’ll do this later.” Well, in all honesty, this later never comes.

So, despite adjusting with a neglected inbox you need to know how to delete all emails at once on Android Devices. It is time to say farewell to all those useless junk items, and have a clean inbox.

Deleting All Emails on the Gmail App

Top Mailing Apps on Android

One of the most widely used emailing services is Gmail, of course. You’re probably reading this to figure out how to clean your Gmail. This can be done by two simple methods: first; by selecting multiple emails at once, and, second; by swipe and remove method.

First, by selecting multiple emails at once:

Locate the app, and then go to the folder which probably contains emails that you want to delete. Press and hold an email for a second to select it. Once it is selected, you can proceed to choose other useless emails by simply touching them. After you’re done with your selection, press the Delete icon on the top right corner of your screen.

This method is preferred when either you have a lot of unnecessary messages in your mailbox or you want to fully clean a secondary folder like Promotions, Spam, etc.

Second, swipe and remove method:

For regular cleaning of your Gmail emails, try the second ‘Swipe and Remove’ method. Android Gmail applications have a feature that allows you to remove an email by simply swiping it in the left or right direction. This usually is replicated across many apps that you’re familiar with.

Cleaning Gmail App on Android

Make sure the swipe feature is already activated on your application, and if it is not, then you can simply turn it on by following this method: Click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner and select the “Settings” from the displayed list. The very first option in the settings menu is General Settings. Open it and set the swipe action as per your preference. Then, you are all set to kick the junk emails out of your inbox. You don’t have to open each and every email you encounter. Just slide your finger on the bar and it will disappear from your inbox.

Now that you have learned how to delete all emails at once on Android Devices, here are some additional tips which would help you manage your emails.

How to manage your emails more efficiently:

Managing Your Emails Better

Emails have become an indispensable part of our lives. They are advanced, fast, convenient, and less intrusive means of connectivity. Whether you are a businessman, a student, or a menial worker, you deal with so many emails in your daily life. Here are some simple tips that can help you manage your emails more efficiently:

  • Use Labels, Folders, and Actions in your mailbox to arrange your emails in a systematic way. The more your mailbox is organized, the more it’s likely not to contain spam.
  • Use Filters to prevent unnecessary emails from entering your inbox. This feature will definitely come in handy down the way, eliminating future cluttering.
  • Do check your mailbox daily to avoid an undesired accumulation of emails.

It’s out of the question that if you’re more familiar with the interactions on your emails, the less likely you’re going to receive anything unwanted. Service providers like Google, Yahoo or Outlook, implement filters to identify your usage, and prevent something alien from reaching your inbox.

You may use specific apps to handle your multiple email accounts simultaneously: If you use multiple email services and applications at the same time on our Android phone, you must consider installing an email handling app. It will allow you to aggregate all of your emails from different accounts into a single box. There are many smart apps that you can use for free like Cleanfox, BlueMail, Outlook, etc. But we’ll talk about that in a second, let’s proceed with more tips:

  • Unsubscribe from promotional emails and newsletters. If you don’t know how to, keep reading this guide.
  • Also, take action against Spam messages. Block the senders and possibly report their behavior to your service provider. They should take it from there.

Dealing with spam on the internet is inevitable. But you can always fight harder, and make noticeable progress in eliminating its dominant grip on your online experience.

How to Stop Receiving Spam Mails

Deleting Spam Emails on Android

Estimates say that nine out of ten emails that reside in your mailbox are spam messages. Despite deleting them again and again, they keep on concentrating in our mailbox, and we remain unaware of it.

When it comes to spam emails, precaution is always better than cure. You should avoid getting spammed by adopting the following preemptive measures:

  • Do not respond to spam messages, and never click on the attached media.
  • Never click on suspicious links on a website you’re not sure about its authority.
  • Sometimes forwarding, unfollowing, or replying options further bring you more trouble. Thus, avoid doing them.
  • Do not unnecessarily provide your email address on the internet.
  • Be cautious while using social networking apps as they are the most favorite spots of the spammers.
  • Avoid sharing your email publicly on your websites and social media accounts.
  • Create a separate, disposable email account for general use and keep your professional email only for limited use.
  • Do not click on misleading ads on Web pages, and never respond to their tempting offers
  • Spam filters can also help. There are tons of useful apps that protect your android device from spam messages.
  • Customize the “Spam Filter Settings” on your Gmail. With this, you can make your mailbox less porous by changing filters and blocking preferences.
  • You should actively mark regular emails as spam or not spam so that you may not lose important emails while removing the other ones.

How to Unsubscribe from Newsletters to Your Email

Unsubscribing from Newsletters

Newsletters are different from spam messages, but they also become equally troublesome when they start accumulating into your inbox. These emails, most of the time, include promotional messages and special offers to catch your attention. Nonetheless, they come from authentic senders to whom you often subscribe unknowingly. Thus, only trashing these emails does not help. You must learn to unsubscribe from these newsletters to keep your inbox clean.

As established earlier, newsletters are from authentic senders, and not from spammers, these emails have a clear unsubscribe option. Most of the time the unsubscribe button lies at the bottom of the email page. You must open the email, scroll down, and press the unsubscribe button. If in case, you don’t find it, you can simply use the search tool from your phone or web to find out the exact location of the unsubscribe button.

There is another way of doing this. You can open the sender’s website by clicking its logo in the email. Once you reach the website, find the option for unsubscribing the newsletters. Moreover, you can also block the sender from the options’ menu located inside the email.

Hence, besides learning how to delete all emails at once from your Android device, the above-mentioned techniques can also help you a lot in thoroughly handling your mailbox quite efficiently.

Top Free Mailing Apps on Android to Use

If you’d like to change to another application, or would like to implement different features into your emailing experience, take a look at these. Emailing is on the top of pillar of activities you can do online. Developers work really hard to come up with new solutions to make your process more efficient.

The market has various options that you can choose from. Here are some of the mailing apps you have to consider when making a choice:

Blue Mail App

Blue Mail App

If you want to access all of your email at once, this app will do the trick for you. You can integrate different accounts from different providers, and have all of the received emails reach the same inbox. It’s got a cool design, completely secure and is offered at no cost whatsoever! The app has received a lot of online praise from its users. It’s been reliable since the day it started out, and has managed to garner lots of installs and reviews.


Protonmail App on Android

If you’re a cyber-security enthusiast, this will get your mind blown. This mailing service is based on the blockchain technology, allowing further encryption upon your emails and activities. This level of security ensures that no one on earth should read your emails, except you and the recipient. It’s quite fascinating, really.

ProtonMail has many features that you might find extremely helpful. Some of these are: the ability to send an email that self-destructs, support for OpenPGP, and other options to help you sort out your clutter. Give it a try, it’s completely free to use.

That’s it for now, everyone. We hope these tips have helped delete your emails at ease. Adjusting your behavior with online emailing can have a lot of effects on how things are organized for you.

Let us know in the comments below if you have personal tips to sort out your daily emails, and what service do you usually prefer to use. We’re always thrilled to read your input!