How to Delete Netflix History

All you need in summertime is a good AC unit along with your Netflix subscription. That’s basically the most precise definition for happiness. You can binge watch as long as you want, but you’ll end up with a really messed up watching history.

As you’re probably aware, some Netflix subscriptions come with the ability to share the account with a couple of friends or so. Each user can always create a separate profile for them to track what they watch, and get suggested shows accordingly.

Of course, Netflix tracks everything you watch and keeps it in a little record that you can always go back to. We won’t judge, every individual likes their tea in a certain way. But you might be a bit embarrassed if your friends found out that you have a liking for cheesy romantic comedies.

Well, let’s get into how you may leave the crime scene all clean!

  • Why Would You Want to Delete Your Netflix History?

There are a couple of advantages to deleting your Netflix history. We wish there was an option for incognito watching, but there isn’t. No worries, though. Deleting and controlling your Netflix history is really a walk in the park. But why would you want to do that?

  • You’d like to hide something:

It’s not a crime that you get off on a certain genre of movies and TV shows. But if you feel like the ones who share your Netflix account might judge you a little bit based on your history, you might want to look into getting rid of it once and for all. But that’s not the only thing you’ll get out of refining your watch-history.

  • You’re sick of terrible show suggestions:

Sometimes, when we’re really bored at night, we get drawn to weird thumbnails on Netflix and just get clickin’! It’s all fun and games until the platform starts suggesting more than a hundred weird anime shows, or really cheesy teenage sci-fi movies.  

Deleting certain parts of your Netflix history will definitely improve how the platform suggests what you should watch. All you need to do is remove the items that might trigger suggestions you’re most likely wouldn’t be interested in.

How Do I Delete My Netflix History?

Whether you’re running Netflix on your Android phone, laptop or even a smart TV, the process is not really that different. You can delete all of your history with one click, or simply choose the shows separately that you’d like to hide.

  1. Go to your Netflix app, or log in to your account using a browser of your choice.
  2. Choose your profile and click on it.
  3. If you’re using an Android, you’ll find a three-dotted “More” button on the bottom right. You may click on that and choose “Account.”
  4. If you’re using a laptop, you’ll find your profile’s icon on the upper right. If you click on it, a drop-down menu will appear with “Your account” option.
  5. Once you’ve accessed your account page, scroll down and locate “Viewing activity.”
  6. Then, you may choose “Hide all” to remove all of your Netflix history. But you can also click on the sign next to each individual show to delete it separately.

We’d advise you to refine your watch history bit by bit. It’s just much better this way. Deleting all of your history will definitely confuse the platform, and you’ll start seeing irrelevant show suggestions. But if you’d like to do so, and couldn’t find the option through your laptop, you can simply delete your profile altogether and start clean.

However, if you choose to delete certain items that don’t go along with your taste in cinematography, you’ll give the platform an idea of what you truly like. This should result in much better suggestions in the future.

Bear in mind that it might take up to 24 hours for Netflix to pick up on your changes, and delete your selected shows. Just go through these simple steps and give it a day or so. You’ll notice that suggestions start to shift in a new direction.

You might find new interesting options that you’d like to watch. Well, that’s for you to do. But if you ever run again into a terrible choice that messes up your suggestions, you can simply go back and remove it.

That’s it for now, our beloved readers. Netflix is an amazing luxury of modern-day entertainment solutions. Make sure to take advantage of it, and hide the most embarrassing stuff that you seem to like on there! The platform is always developing and adding new features to make its users as comfortable as possible.

We hope our instructions were simple and got the job done. Let us know in the comments section below what shows you’ll be deleting; we won’t tell anybody!