Incognito Mode Screenshot - How to Disable on Android

If you are a fan of privacy and like keeping your chrome history hidden or private, then you might have enabled your incognito mode.  Before starting our guide on how to disable incognito mode in chrome for android smart phones, firstly let us tell you what is incognito?

What is Incognito Mode?

It is a mode offered by Google chrome that allows you to surf the web more freely. The word Incognito stands for hiding and disguising, and that’s what Google chrome does to your browsing history if you turned on this mode. Incognito mode was created to preserve your privacy especially if someone is using your phone. It erases your browsing data history; it doesn’t save your data, or whatever you type on the web.

Incognito mode also prevents the web or search engine from knowing what you surf the internet for, so ads pop up to you upon your interests. This mode might be a problem if you are a parent, as it will allow your child to browse and surf the web anonymously.

Unfortunately, there is no manual way to turn it off, but there are plenty of applications to help you understand how to disable incognito mode in chrome on android. There are free applications for Android smart phones, such as “Incognito Browser- Private Browser with AdBlock”. As for the paid Apps, are called “Incognito app” and “Disable Incognito Mode”.

Steps to know how to disable incognito mode in chrome android:

Disable Incognito App Screenshot

Firstly, download “Disable Incognito Mode” application from Google app store. Secondly, open it and press on settings. Thirdly, give the app the permission to do its job. Finally, it will disable chrome’s incognito mode.

In case of using another application, such as “Incognito app”, download it from Google app store. It is a paid app, so you can download it for $1 or $2. After downloading the application, it will require your permission. Give access to the app and enable it by clicking on mode options. You will find three options, click on Prevent tabs from opening. Once you enable it, it will start turning off your incognito mode in Google chrome.