It’s kind of frustrating when you have a really important text message that needs to be sent out at a certain time. You start fretting about it all day, making alarms and reminders so you may not forget. Your anxiety starts to build up as time passes, and you begin to rethink every letter of your message.

But, why go through all that hassle? Don’t you wish you could just write down your text message and command your device to send it out at a specific time and forget all about it? The messaging app that comes with your device is usually quite limited. Most users tend to start looking for other alternatives to satisfy their needs.

With that being said, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of some of the top apps that will let you schedule a text message and do a bunch of other stuff.

  1. Textra SMS

Textra is considered one of the best messaging apps out there. It allows its users to choose from a wide variety of options; from customizing how a text message looks and feels, to scheduling your texts to be sent out later at a specified time and date.

It’s incredibly easy to schedule a text message through Textra. Simply click on the plus button after writing your message. Then, choose the clock sign to proceed. You’ll be asked to enter your desired time and date, which can be viewed and edited later. It’s free, easy, and definitely worth a try!

Another alternative that is widely praised by users is Pulse SMS. The app offers several options to optimize your messaging experience, including the ability to schedule bits of your conversations.

Choose the user you want to text, open their conversation and then click on the three-dotted menu. Click on “Schedule a Message,” and then enter the date, time, and… well, your text message!

What makes Pulse SMS different is that scheduled messages are stored in a separate folder from your other messages, so you can go through them anytime you want. Some users find it hassling, but I guess it’s only a matter if preference.

This app looks amazing! Aside from functionality and all, the developers have designed the app in a really elegant and inviting way. When it comes to scheduling messages, Do It Later is simply and convenient.

You simply choose the number you want to interact with, type your message along with the desired date and time, and then click schedule. But there’s more to it: the app lets you sign in with different social media outlets (Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail…etc) to schedule your feed and updates.

If you simply want an app that lets you schedule text messages, without any extra features, you might want to give Do It Later a try and see how it goes.

  • Schedule SMS

This app doesn’t really go the extra mile to offer something different to the market. It simply does what you need it to do. Its interface looks clean, and there’s nothing really to say about it. You can easily schedule your text messages through the app, just like the ones we mentioned above.

Schedule SMS is free to use, but you’ll come across several ads that pop up during your sessions. Give it a try and let us know how it turned out.

  • SMS Planning

This app doesn’t have extra features, but for a reason: it’s so damn fast! It’s quite simply with a clean interface, and it only revolves around scheduling text messages. You can schedule your messages, repeat at another time if you want to, and go back to check which messages were sent and to whom.

This one is as simple as the previous one, but much cleaner and faster. Yes, SMS Planning shows ads as well, but it’s not bothering at all. It could be if you’re usually bothered by ads, but it’s not a hefty price to pay for such a clean, and quite functional, texting app.

Organizing and scheduling text messages can be quite useful in personal and professional life. We hope that the list above offer you the options you were looking for. Let us know in the comments section below which app you’d prefer and why. We’d love to hear from you!