Have you accidentally hidden any of your Android apps and the curiosity of not knowing where they are is killing you? Or have you ended up moving your apps around to maintain your privacy, and now they aren’t popping up like the usual apps?

If you’re tired of roaming around your ‘Main’ and ‘App Drawer’ screen, figuring out where those apps went, don’t worry. We have the answer to the question if you’re wondering how to find hidden apps on Android.

Why Would Someone Hide Apps on Android?

Any Android phone user might conceal apps due to numerous reasons. The most common one is that people disguise some apps to keep their privacy. They might have some data which they don’t want others to know about. They can use Android’s functionality or download any app that does the same thing with some additional features.

Secondly, people who are huge download freaks, mostly downloading stuff from the internet, are unaware that they might install some apps accidentally that remain camouflaged on their phone. You probably won’t see them, but they keep sending your data illegally to their parent companies which can be used for marketing purposes or for vile practices. Some of these malicious apps might hide your other applications too. That’s called spyware. So beware!

So, the question remains: how to find hidden apps on Android?  Trust me, it’s quite simple.

We can try and find those hidden apps in numerous ways:

A Look into Android’s Hiding Apps Settings

Most Android Launchers now come with the feature of hiding apps from your App Drawer. You probably will have messed around the settings in an Android Launcher to tuck your apps away if they’re not appearing any longer.

To unhide your app, go to your ‘App Drawer’. You might see the Kebab Menu (three dots) resting on the top right corner of your screen. Clicking those will lead you to a dropdown containing some options along with hiding and unhiding apps.

Tap on the ‘Unhide Apps’ option and it will show you hidden apps in a listicle. Most probably, those apps will contain a red-colored ‘cross sign’ on the top right or bottom right of those app icons (depends on the Android Launcher and Version). Click that cross or cancel icon and those apps will pop up in your ‘App Drawer’ again.

Yes, it’s that simple. This method will work for most people. However, if this one didn’t do the trick for you, you don’t have to worry. We got you covered.

Checking for Spyware Apps on Your Device

It is possible that a malware-infected app got installed on your phone and it is breaching your privacy and also hiding your apps. You won’t find those apps so easily because they also camouflage themselves.

To find those apps, open your phone’s Settings. Then move downwards and find the ‘Application Manager’ or ‘Apps’ option. Tap your app manager which will bring out a list of apps installed on your device. From the list, find any app that you don’t remember installing or isn’t familiar to you.

Do ensure that it isn’t a system app (NOTE: Don’t UNINSTALL any System apps. It will crash your phone or brick it, making it unrecoverable!). Those apps, most probably, have odd names. However, conduct research on the internet for those names and find information regarding them. Uninstall the apps that are unfamiliar immediately and your hidden apps will come back to life.

Spyware apps also use the Location Services (GPS) of our smartphones. To check apps accessing your location, go to your phone’s Settings. Check for the ‘Location’ or ‘GPS’ option. On tapping it, all apps will appear that are accessing your location info. Find any suspicious apps and uninstall them from your ‘App Manager.’

If you still didn’t find anything there, try installing an Antivirus app from the Play Store and perform scans on your device. Those malicious apps will be detected and uninstalled.

Third-Parties Might Be Hiding Apps

In the quest to hide your apps, you may have installed a new app from Play Store which assists in hiding apps or files. Some of the popular ones include ‘Vault’, ‘CoverMe’ etc. Open your specific app and disable the related settings (varies from one app to another).

We hope this short guide have helped you answer your question of how to find hidden apps on Android. Now, bringing your apps back to the app drawer won’t be a headache anymore.

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