How to Make Your Android Smartphone Live Longer

Five billion people use a smartphone on daily basis. However, many of us are not aware of how to make our phones live longer. They’re designed to last for a longer period of time. Key is battery health. You have to keep the battery of your smartphone in top shape.

Lots of questions may come across your mind; should I keep using my phone this way? Well, here are some things you should do and things you shouldn’t:

  • Turn Off Bluetooth When Not in Use

Turn Off Bluetooth on Android

You should never forget to turn off your Bluetooth when you’re not using it. This will save you a ton of battery life. Aside from that, you’ll also eliminate the possibility of having an unwanted file downloaded to your device. It just blocks lots of processes in the background, a thing you should always do.

  • Don’t Expose Your Phone to Natural Elements

Exposing Smartphone to Natural Elements

Your smartphone should be kept where it’s most safe. Of course, snow, rain and the sun can have detrimental effects on your smartphone. The sun can make its temperature go up, which is harmful to the battery and hardware in general. Moist can also harm the interior of your device. Natural elements can damage your device beyond repair, so you should be aware.

  • Encryption Is Necessary

Encryption on Android Phones

This falls more on the side of personal protection of your digital data. You’re aware that our sensitive information is crucial to our security and privacy. That’s why you should always use encrypted channels when sending out important files and documents.

Not only that, but you also should have all necessary measures set up in case your phone gets stolen. You need to have a passcode activated or finger-print sensory to unlock your device. Anything that provides you with more security over your device can be really beneficial.

  • Use Original Chargers and Phone Parts

Original Smartphone Charger is Best

One of the main things that could damage your device is using third-party parts and gadgets. Meaning, any item related to your device that was not manufactured by the official company can be harmful. If the parts are not compatible, your device can crash drastically. This could lead to data loss and even permanent phone damage.

  • Don’t Ignore Virus Threats

Virus Threats on Android

Another important aspect that you should consider is not ignoring threats on your phone. As smartphone users, we usually just don’t mind those threats as long as our device is functioning properly. However, these threats alert you to a much harmful malware that might endanger your phone. Keep a schedule of regular and automatic scans on your device. You can do so through any reputable antivirus app.

  • Don’t Drop Your Phone!

Broken Android Phone

This one might seem a little bit obvious, but try to keep your phone from falling. Even if it has a protective case, some surfaces can damage your device beyond repair. Don’t show off your gadgets and just keep your phone where it’s not in danger of falling to the ground.

  • Don’t Spray Your Phone to Decorate It

Decorating Your Android Smartphone

Some users use different kind of sprays on their phones. Some would just like to clean the exterior of their device. Other would like to spray paint and decorate the smartphone. Both ways can be harmful to your android smartphone if not done properly.

Some chemicals can get on the chip of your device through the ports while spraying. These could lead your hardware to malfunction. Now, we don’t want that to happen, right? All you have to do is check before cleaning or decorating your device. Lots of resourceful guides can help you out not make a mistake.

  • Charge Before Battery Is Dead

Charge Your Phone Before it Dies

There are a lot of habits that you should change when it comes to charging your phone. First and foremost, don’t use your phone while charging it. Secondly, charge it before it dies. When the battery dies, it affects how long it’s going to last you.

It’s always better to keep your phone between %15 and %95 charged. That’s the best known practice to go about it. Fast charging technology has made it even easier to monitor your phone while charging, as it does not take that much time.

  • Keep Your Home-screen Organized

Smartphone Homescreen

One of the main reasons that make us use our phones longer and waste time is that we can’t find what we need. That’s why you should always organize your home screen. Choose your app placements wisely and in accordance with your most used ones.

If you know what your preferences are, it’s really easy to do it. Don’t be too lazy to sift through apps and organize them. This will save you a lot of time down the way. It’s also much appeasing to the eyes.

  • Free Your Phone’s Memory

We’re not talking about the storage here. When you run too many apps on your device, it’s going to use more memory. When that happens, your smartphone starts to slowdown. To resolve this matter, all you have to do is close down unnecessary apps running in the background of your device.

You don’t really have to use some sort of an optimizer. Sometimes, optimization apps lead to slower performance due to their intrusive ads. Just don’t open too many apps at the same time. And close down the ones you’re not using for a smoother experience.

  • Regular Updates are Crucial

If you’d like to keep your smartphone as healthy as possible, you have to be updating it regularly. That includes updating the operating system with every new version. Also, your essential apps need to be updated every now and then.

If you can’t bother to check the updates manually, you can automate the whole thing. Just go to Google Play Store and manage your updates there. You can let the store either notify you of new updates, or just download them as they come. It’s your choice.

  • Turn Off Your Phone Every Now and Then

Resetting your phone can be really helpful. Every week, you have to turn off your device for several minutes. Just let it rest while it’s off for 10 minutes. This helps resets the status of your device, and allows it to work even better when it’s turned back on. This will probably prolong the battery life of your device if done regularly.

  • Don’t Turn Off Your Phone On Low Battery

When your phone is on low battery, don’t resolve to turn it off. Just hook up the charger for a while, to get more power into it, and then you can turn it off if you want. But if you do so when it’s low, you risk using all its energy and the circle goes off. It’s not a wise practice if you’re thinking about preserving your battery longer.

  • Clear Your Phone’s Cache

Caches are files that are stored temporarily on your device to preserve some information for later use. While they’re necessary, they can accumulate and result in lower device speed. To free some memory on your device and improve performance, you should clear your cache every now and then.

To do so, just head to Settings on your device and click on Storage. Once you’re there, click on Other Apps. Each app on your device has its dedicated store of cache. Click on your chosen app, and then click Clear Cache on its information page. Do this every other week, you’ll definitely see improvement in your device’s performance.

  • Don’t Replace the Original Battery

Don't Replace the Original Battery of Your Smartphone

A common mistake that a lot of people fall for is replacing their battery with a cheap one. Yes, your original battery can start to lose its touch and wither. But, changing original parts with unofficial ones can have its bad side. We know it’s much cheaper. But some parts are not even compatible, not trusted. They can harm the chip of your device beyond repair.

If your battery life begins to dwindle, just head to the nearest official store. They might fix the part, or just provide you with a whole new one to enjoy the same experience once again.

  • Use a Screen Protector at All Times

It doesn’t matter if your screen protector looks odd, it’s essential. A smartphone’s screen is the most part that require replacements across the whole world. As a phone owner, you should’ve at least broken three screens before.

To avoid all of that, just apply your screen protector to take the damage. Of course, don’t drop your phone on the ground and be cautious. But a screen protector will grant your display a second life when it’s hugging the floor.

And that’s it for now, everybody. We hope these tips to make your phone liver longer have helped you do things differently. Remember, you have to treat your phone right for it to stay longer. Your habits are also taken into account when we’re discussing phone health. Follow the best practices to maintain your device’s top state.