Remove Ads from Apps on Android

Having intrusive ads on your mobile device can be really annoying. We all want to enjoy our online experience with non-intrusive ads, but advertisments in general are necessary. Content creators and developers generate income through providing free services along with ads.

However, it happens at times that when you’re trying out a new app, you get bombarded with tons of advertisements. Let’s take a look at what you can do here

Get Adblock Plus and End it All!

The easiest thing would be is to install Adblock Plus on your device. It’s a free software that blocks most ads shown on your Android device. It can be helpful in eliminating those that are way too intrusive and usually disturb your online experience.

If the problem is only with pop up ads, you can easily refer to the guide we just linked.

Again, this is just how to remove ads from Android apps without rooting. You can take the extra mile, root your device, and eliminate ads totally. However, Adblock exists to fight those that implement advertisments that are deemed either damaging or intrusive.

Before you install it, hover over to Settings on your Android device. Head to Applications (or Security) and then choose Unknown Sources. Click on the box next to it to activate it.

Once you’ve done so, simply go to the official Adblock Plus website linked above and download the application. Open the downloaded file through any APK manager of your choice, click on Open App Manager and then choose Install from there.

Since we’re doing a non-rooted device guide to tackle this issue, you need to follow these extra steps here. That’s just needed to configure the app to work for you properly.

And that’s basically it! That’s all you’d need to remove ads from apps on your device. If you’d like to read more guides, head to our How To section. Enjoy the internet, and always remember to support the creators that offer their services free to you.