How to Restore Contacts on Android

Did you just accidentally lose your precious contacts, and now you are worried about retrieving them? Well, in that case, you need to calm down because your contacts are possibly still there, inside your phone. They can be restored back quite easily. You just need to know how to restore contacts on android.

Ways Your Can Restore Contacts on Android Devices

There are several scenarios that you might find yourself in. Losing your contacts can be quite annoying, and you’d like to exercise all the options you have to attempt and restore them successfully.

Let’s systematically discuss this issue by dealing with the situations you might be in:

First: You had set up a Google account on your phone before this mishap occurred.

Google Contacts

Numerous people get stuck in the same situation, but they recover their contacts in just 5 minutes. We know that Android devices become completely operational after the user sets up a Google account on them. These devices occasionally remind the users to turn on synchronization if it is not activated by default, so that the device could maintain a usable backup for such situations.

If you had a Google account, you are able to export the contacts back within a 30-day time limit. To do this, launch the Google app on your device and open Manage accounts on this device. This will take you to your Google account. Then, go to the Data & Personalization tab and scroll down to open the Download your data folder. From here, you can download a copy of your contacts.

Another way of accessing your Google contacts is by visiting this link:

It will show the saved contacts provided they were synced earlier. These two operations can also be performed through your computer.

Second: Your phone is broken, lost, or gone forever.

Broken Phone

Well, it isn’t also the worst-case scenario because you have just lost your phone; the back-up is still there. All you have to do is to get another device, log in with your Google account, and follow the same steps discussed in the previous section.

We’re sorry you had to go through this situation. Data loss, however, is a far sadder ordeal that you should always protect yourself from dealing with. Always remember to take measures for such incidents, so your data may be saved somewhere else other than your hardware.

Third: Your contacts were not synced with the Google account

Now, you are in a bit trouble as contacts are not retrieved once they are removed from the Sim card and internal storage. Nevertheless, there still exits a beacon of hope that your phone was storing the contacts into your SD card by default settings. To verify, open Contacts on your phone and go to its options menu. Look for the option of import/export contacts. Once opened, check if it has some of the contacts saved in your memory card, export them.

Another good news is that the phone numbers associated with your Facebook and Whatsapp accounts are always present in the respective accounts. To get them back, reinstall these apps into another phone. Upon signing in, you will be able to view them. However, if the deleted contacts were not synced with these apps, they will not come back.

Additional tips:

  • There are software experts that can recover the lost data from your smartphone by breaking into your device’s operating system. It is a technical procedure and they’ll charge you for doing it.
  • Accidents never stop happening. It is good to know how to restore contacts on android, but it is better to maintain a handy backup of your precious data to counter such inconveniences in the future.
  • Avoid using data restoring applications that are widely available on the Play store such as dr.fone. Most of them are lame and give further damage to your Android phone.

And that’s it! We hope you’ve managed to restore your contact safely. To avoid all of this hassle, always remember to have a backup somewhere, sync your device with a Google account, and your data would remain safe no matter what happens.