Nowadays, almost every living-being uses a smartphone of some kind. One thing that comes across our minds is how we may reveal a WiFi’s password. It might be hard to do it with no-root. You’d need proper understanding of how your device functions.

When you do that, the whole process becomes easier. That’s why we’re providing you today with some of Android’s features that are designed to help you with this matter. Android phones may have unique and valuable features if you know how to use them. If you look at most Android devices, they most definitely cannot access any WiFi passwords stored on the device.

But if you’re running an Android 5.0 device, you’re in luck. There is definitely a way to access any passwords you need without having to root your phone. Rooting is hard, and you have to download large files and documents in order to get the WiFi passwords. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

We’ve compiled a tiny list of ways and tricks that you may use to access any saved network passwords on your device:

  1. ES File Explorer App

First, you need to go ahead download the ES File Explorer from Google’s Play Store on your Android smartphone. The ES File Explorer will grant you the permission and the full privilege to access any system files you may need without rooting.

The app has some useful features like restoring your deleted apps and conducting regular backups. It can also restore any of type of files you’ve deleted back to your Android device. While using the ES Explorer, you won’t be in need to go through all the hassle of root. Sadly, though, the method here may not work on all Android devices.

Here are steps you should follow to get WiFi passwords with the ES File Explorer app:

  • Open the File Explorer app and click on the left navigation bar to select ‘Local Storage.’ Then, on the drop down menu, you may click on ‘Device’ to help you navigate to the System->WiFi.
  • From there, you should open the file named wpa_supplicant.conf.
  • The app will let you choose how you want to open the file. You should choose text file viewer as an easy way, or go for the built-in HTML. Your pick. You will then be able to view all the WiFi passwords you need that have been connected to your Android phone at least once.
  1. Access Your Router Using a Browser

This method will help you access the Wi-Fi router and find admin settings page using a browser on your phone or desktop and obtain the needed password.

You need the router IP address. Don’t panic, that’s easy to find. Most manufactured routers are configured to use default IPs like these,, or or First of all, you need to be connected to the network which you’re trying to get its password.

If it happens and not a single IP we’ve provided worked, you can do it through your phone. Just head to Settings on your device to get your router IP address. You may click on WiFi connections and choose your network. You’ll be able to see the information that uses your router’s IP address as a gateway.

Another way to obtain a router’s IP and use it to access your router’s admin page is to download a WiFi Analyzer app from the Play Store If you’d like, there are WiFi analyzer apps available on the Play Store. These will not only help you access the router’s IP, but will also provide you information in regards to speed and network stability. We’ve picked a good choice of a WiFi app, keep reading to learn about it.

But to get back to what we were doing, once you have the IP address of the router, type it in any browser using an Android or a desktop. The settings page of the network will be revealed to you. Enter the login information for the router, which in most cases are default. Try “admin” as both the password and the username. If the password doesn’t work, type 1234.

  1. Share the Password Through a QR Code:

Some Android phones are just cooler than others! If we’re talking about the likes of Xiaomi models, these are devices that can make you share a WiFi’s password engraved in QR code.

Be connected to the network and then head to Settings on your device and pick WiFi Settings. You’ll find an option titled ‘tap to share password.’ Once clicked, a QR code will be prompted for you to share with others.

You may scan the code using another device. Or you can simply capture a screenshot of it, share it with others or even send it to your desktop. Open it on your screen, and then scan it with your own device. You can also look for QR scanners for pc online.

  1. Download WiFi WPS WPA Tester App:

Don’t get me wrong, there is a ton of apps on the market that will let you access saved WiFi passwords. But the major downside to those is that they need your phone to be rooted. But in this guide, we want to get the password without root. The only apps that will get it done this way is the WPA Tester.

WPS WPA Tester is one incredible WiFi app that will make you reveal the network password in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is head to the Play Store and download it. With around 500k ratings on the play store, this neat little thing has proven its success.

Once download it, launch it and head to the main screen of the app. All available networks will be presented, dotted with either a green or red signal. Choose the one you need, mostly would have a green sign, and then choose the No Root option. Once you’ve done that, you may choose connect automatic pin. And that’s it, it will provide you with the needed information.

Remembering passwords is hard, and rooting your phone to salvage saved passwords is even harder. We hope these tips have helped you get your WiFi password without having to root your phone and go through all the hassle.