How to Rotate a Video on Android

If you’d like to know how to rotate a video on android, please refer to this guide. It’s an issue that a lot of Android users struggle with, especially when they’re about to publish that new social media post.

Watching videos on a smart phone is an entertaining thing that almost everyone does on a daily basis. It is a way to enjoy your time a lot more. Some videos require specific features to provide a wider and better vision to the watcher, such as rotating your screen so that you can have a better experience while watching.

Some Android smart phones are automatically rotated when watching a video whether on YouTube or your phone. If a video cannot be rotated on your phone while watching a video or a movie, this might frustrate you.

If your phone does not automatically rotate its screen while watching a video, then this guide is your savior. Rotating a video might sound a lot of work to some people, but in fact it’s as easy as blinking.

Before providing you with the required steps, there are two ways to get that done. Firstly to do it manually or to use an app from Google App store. We will unpack the two options for you, and leave the final preference to you.

Doing it Manually:

Let’s start with the traditional, basic (manual) way of how to rotate a video on android. Firstly, open menu and head to your phone’s settings. Then, search for accessibility and go through it. Secondly, scroll down until you find “Auto rotate screen”. Thirdly, turn it on and try opening a video to check if it’s working. All videos and pictures will be rotated automatically after turning your Auto rotate screen on. You can turn it off whenever you want using the same steps mentioned above.

Doing it Using an App:

Rotate Video FX App

Another way to know how to rotate a video on android is to install apps to save you time and effort. The first app is called Rotate Video FX”. Go to Google play store and download it for free. Once the application is installed, you can open it and enable the option of auto rotate. The app also provides its users the option of selecting a certain movie or a video to rotate for you. Sometimes rotating your video is not a common option in most video editing apps, but this app covers this part perfectly!

Smart Video Rotate App

Another great app to use to know how to rotate a video on android is Smart Video Rotate and Flip – Rotator and flipper application. You can download it from Google app store. Write in the search box Smart Video Rotate and Flip – Rotator and flipper and then install it. It provides many great features to use in editing your videos and photos from your gallery, such as fast rotation is supported, clean and easy to use tool, free for anyone to use, uses the powerful multimedia library FFmpeg, smart and simple user interface.

Once it’s installed on your smart phone, open it and rotate whatever video you want; it also does not decrease the sound or the quality of the video you are watching.

And that’s how you do it, my dear reader. If you’d like to know more about gem android apps, head to the article we just linked. In the meantime, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!