How to See iPhone Emojis on Android

We all love Emojis; they are cute, lively, meaningful, and so cool to use. Emojis are an inseparable part of our everyday conversations. They enable us to precisely express our emotions in a particular situation. They also serve as a smart way to depict our moods. Be it a celebration or grief, a burst of laughter or an outburst of anger, a time of insanity or a moment of calmness, we take advantage of these emojis in every circumstance.

Although there exists a considerable variety of Emojis in Android phones, it is not enough for many people. They get bored after using them for some time and seek something new and exciting. In the meanwhile, when they see their friends sending them fresh emojis from their iPhones, they start getting the temptation for having iOS style emojis on their Android devices. If you are also one of them, feeling the same way, this article is going to be quite valuable for you.

It’s time to break the monotony and learn how to see iPhone Emojis on your Android phone.

How to Have iPhone Emojis on Your Android Smartphone?

How to Get iPhone Emojis

This can be possibly done by two methods:

  1. By rooting your device:

This method involves redesigning the software by altering the codes of your operating system i.e. thoroughly rooting your device. If it is done successfully, it would thoroughly turn your Android phone into an iPhone, having cent-per-cent similarity in most of the features. However, this method demands a heavy command on coding and android programming skills, and it is not that kind of experiment which anyone can do. It would take much time to comprehend these technicalities, for that, just a single article is not sufficient. Additionally, it is an unsafe job. It can either result in the loss of all your data or harm your device. Therefore, proceed to the second method that is, in comparison, just a child’s play.

  1. By installing an Emoji application or additional keyboards:

Most preferably, you can get the iPhone emojis on your Android phone by simply installing an emoji app from the Google Play store. They are free, swift, and require no technical skill. There are tons of apps that serve this purpose; you just need to pick one in accordance with your choice. These apps come with multiple features. They also carry options that can also upgrade our phone’s fonts.

Some of these apps are discussed below as an example. Note that the following apps are high-rated and free on the Google Play store.

iKeyboard — GIF keyboard, Funny emoji, FREE stickers:

iKeyboard App on Android

Loaded with emoji packs that totally resemble the original iPhone’s emojis, this app comes first in this regard. It is multi-lingual and carries various customized keyboards. Plus, it has an auto-correct feature, a rare sticker collection, and amazingly cool fonts.

Kika Keyboard 2020: Emoji Keyboard, Stickers, GIF

Kika Keyboard 2020

Kika Keyboard is globally renowned owing to its customization features. The app provides a user-friendly interface with multiple keypad layouts. You can further customize them as per your choice. The app supports all major world languages. It has hundreds of emojis organized into a number of categories. It also includes slide and voice typing features giving you a swift and smooth typewriting experience.

Facemoji Keyboard Pro: DIY Themes, Emojis, Fonts

Facemoji Keyboard Pro App

With its endless color schemes, Emojis, Stickers, and customization options, this app is just what the doctor ordered. You can discover new emojis every day plus compose your own keyboard with it. Further, it includes a broad range of fonts for your mobile, with some of them matching those of the iPhone. If you want to amaze your friends with an unseen collection of ever-new emojis, try this app at a zero cost.

Fleksy: the Smartest Keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard App for Android

You don’t want funky themed keypads? Do you prefer a decent looking handset in your hand? Then, try Fleksy. Its most prominent feature is elegance. It gives an executive look to your handset and provides you a lavish yet fast typing experience. Additionally, the app is stuffed with a wide range of iPhone style emojis. With its fine appearance, it presents all other features you want viz. gifs, stickers, etc. The best part is, this app has a private typing feature to keep the typing secretive.

Apart from these, there are many other apps that can add iPhone emojis to your Android phone, for instance: Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 10, PlayKeyboard, Emoji Keyboard, Chrooma keyboard, Simply Black Keyboard Theme and so forth. You will be amazed to know, you can get the layout of iPhone X on your Android phone by activating Keyboard for Phone X app on your phone.

How to use these apps?

All Android phones, with a slight difference in their settings menu, will support the following step-by-step process:

  • Launch Google Play Store on the Android device and search for any of the above-discussed applications. Searching manually can also help in getting the latest app.
  • Download plus install the app preferred by you.
  • Once the application is installed, slide down the notification bar on your phone and click on settings.
  • Find and open “Languages and Input Settings”. Mostly, this setting lies on the main settings page; however, its location may differ in various phones. Thus, searching for it manually is a better option.
  • From Language and Input Settings, tap on Keyboard Management.
  • On opening this menu, you will discover an option which would allow you to “Add Keyboards”
  • Your newly installed keyboard will appear here; select it as your default keyboard and it will be activated for all apps.
  • Now, your new keyboard is ready for use with a new variety of emojis.

Font Settings:

The aforementioned apps also include a variety of font styles for your phone. Many of them match the genuine iPhone style fonts. To activate them, search “Font Settings” in the settings’ menu. Open this menu and from a list of fonts, select any font that you want to apply on your phone.