It can be a bit annoying to get a call from an unknown number. I myself am the suspicious type. And every time I get a call from a blocked number, I think twice before answering. Most masked numbers might seem untraceable, but technology has evolved way more than you think.

When you think of tracing a call, you instantly get a flashback from a movie scene, where cops are trying to locate the caller. They always try to keep the call going so they can get enough time to trace its origin. It’s not a fake kind of scenario, if we still live in the sixties. Since then, things have changed drastically.

Can the Cops Trace a Call Instantly?

Back in the days, operators had to connect circuits manually, making it really difficult for the police to track any unknown call. That’s how the plot of “getting the caller to stay on the phone” got its popularity. Nowadays, though, electronic switching systems govern how calls are made, making carriers aware of the location once the call has started.

There are still ways out there to mask one’s number. However, it’s much more difficult, if not impossible, to hide your call from your carrier or the authorities. If you think you’re receiving too many calls from unknown numbers, you should contact your carrier to deal with the situation.

Trace Any Caller Using Truecaller

While it might seem that you have nothing to do when you receive a call from a masked number, there’s plenty of apps out there to assist you. On top of all options, Truecaller is the most known and trusted application to help you identify your callers.

Once you download the app from Google Play Store, it’ll synchronize with all the contacts you have on your phone. It’s extremely safe, don’t worry. It happens with all Truecaller users, gathering data from around the world. Once a call is made to you by an unknown number, the app searches its database to find a name and an address that match the number.

It works perfectly, and can make you avoid lots of unwanted calls. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t usually respond to unknown numbers, Truecaller will make you identify the ones that actually matter. You should definitely give it a try; it’s a really cool tool.

Unmask Blocked Numbers and Filter Annoying Calls Using Trapcall

Another great application that you should try out is Trapcall. It lets you unmask blocked numbers and get the actual phone number that is calling you. You can easily get it through Google Play Store.

Once you’ve got the phone number of the caller, you can then start your research. You may try Truecaller to identify the owner of the number. If the app doesn’t give you that much information, you can also try your luck with GPS Phone or Locate Any Phone. WhitePages also have a reverse search engine for phone numbers. You can easily go through their website and type in the phone number you’re trying to locate.

The internet is filled with databases and information in regards to millions of users and numbers. You can easily identify a call by using an app like Truecaller; or unmask a blocked number through Trapcall to search for the true identity of your caller.

It’s incredibly annoying to get call from unknown sources. You don’t have to just ignore it and carry on with your life anymore. You can easily know where the call came from and take proper action depending on your reasons.

How many unwanted calls do you usually get on weekly basis? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!