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How to Set Up Your Optimum Email App for Android

Optimum Email for Android

What is Optimum, and what does it provide? A question was once kept unanswered, but not anymore. Optimum is a company for television caplets located in New York. It provides TV and home Wi-Fi services; they also sell products with AI integrated. Now, they have created an email service to …

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How to Access Charter Email App for Android

Charter Email on Android

If you are asking yourself what is a Charter email, well you are in luck. You are not just going to get know about it, but also you will get to know how to access it on Android devices. If you’d like to know more about organizing your emails, head …

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How to Stop Wifi from Turning off Automatically on Android

Wifi Keeps Turning Off Automatically

Some people complain that their Android phone’s WiFi keeps turning on and off by itself. In some cases, the WiFi icon starts glowing automatically making the users believe that their phone has been hacked or there is a serious technical glitch in the operating system. Well, this is not the …

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Fix Wifi Connected But No Internet on Android

It’s incredibly frustrating when you’re connected to Wifi on your Android device, and you’re not able to access the internet. Don’t freak out, this problem is rather a common one. It might seem confusing, but lots of factors can contribute to this happening. Let’s go over these simple steps to …

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Can I Check Wifi Password on Phone?

You most definitely can! Wifi passwords are hidden somewhere deep in a file on your device. There are several ways that you can try to get the password you need. Let’s take a minute to tell you how you may do that. If you want to check wifi passoword on …

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