Line Chatting App for Android

Line is a new type of social networking app similar to WhatsApp, Imo, WeChat, etc which has become popular within a very short period of time. Although it offers similar services like other apps, it has some special features which distinguish it from the other apps.

First of all, it is very easy to install and anyone can have it on their smartphone or desktop. This app is compatible with both iPhone and Android. Users can hide their picture by using a cartoon profile pic or any other edited picture without having to use their actual photo.

The app has got popular due to its vast range of steady and media stickers which covers a wide variety of different popular animated characters. Not only this, but Line also allows the user to have a prediction of stickers which they may use in their chat based on their chat history and texts.

Line App on Android

Like any other communicating app, it also offers services like free call, video call, texting, etc. However, it allows its users to play games to remove monotony. Once installed, you can communicate with your friends and relatives from your phone contacts or choose from other Line users.

Honestly, it’s a really good alternative on the market. Some would like to exercise the privacy of having another app that they could talk to a certain type of people through. What’s App and Messenger have become quite popular among people. They’re basically your portfolio online.

Line can lend you a new experience of having a private place, where people don’t know if you’re online or not. This type of privacy is what making this app popular, and we’re loving it. Will you be using Line app anytime soon? Let us know all about it in the comments below!