Whether you choose to go for the Pixel 2 or the Moto X4, they are both excellent choices of an Android device. But we’re here to take a deeper look into the differences of the two phones, and what deems either a good choice.

If you’re the kind of user who likes a large phone, phones that resemble the Note 8 and, similarly, the Pixel 2 XL, you’d be amazed by the latter. Of course, sacrificing a little bit by holding the phone with two hands at certain times is no big deal. You’d actually be enjoying a magnificent screen that is suitable for both visual content and gaming.

Manufacturers like Motorola have proven their ability to provide high-end products to the market. We know that Google, Samsung and Apple probably take over most of the industry. However, over the past four years, Motorola, Xiaomi and the likes of those, have gained a lot of clients. The reason behind this is that the major players sometimes overprice their products, making it somewhat impossible for some to purchase the newest models. This paves the way for more innovative creations over the next decade. We’d really enjoy that, as smartphone users. 

Still, if you’re wondering which one to get: the Moto X4 or the Pixel 2, it’s not an easy choice. You have to consider the differences between the two devices. We have an incredibly detailed review here. You may want to check it out and see which of those specifications fit your needs the best.