• Idle, easy to play
  • Amazing graphics
  • Can be played by all ages
  • Incredible soundtrack
  • Mesmerizing experience


  • Not too much to do
  • Not engaging

I don’t usually go for this type of games, but MyOasis is quite a nice relaxing sanctuary. Great thing about it is that you don’t really have to do any kind of effort. It’s considered an idle game, which you can enjoy freely at your leisure.

MyOasis Gameplay

The game is developed by Buff Studio, and is suitable to all ages. It revolves around an oasis which you own. There’s also this main feature where you collect hearts by either clicking on the screen, or completing quests. As you go by, you’ll get to purchase animals to live off your oasis. You can upgrade by adding more natural elements to your sanctuary, which gives a nice little touch to your creation.

A Beautiful Sanctuary

What makes this game quite different is the mesmerizing soundtrack and usage of sounds all over. You have a playlist of tracks that are played automatically. But you can also choose what track to play. Also, there’s a cool feature where the game prompts a short musical audio for you to determine which notes are being played. This adds an educational value to the game-play. It can help youngsters refine their musical ear.

In all honesty, I don’t see someone who’s older playing this game. But it all comes down to personal preferences. If you get excited by something a little bit more competitve, MyOasis would not be the perfect option for you. This game offers a relaxing experience for those not willing to exert any effort. You can play it as means of escape from noise. It could be a cool option to use before you go to bed. But I don’t see this game being on the top of my options. I believe it gained popularity among parents, since it’s definitely a perfect choice for children.

Here’s a video of the initial gameplay.