We may have our differences, but Netflix is definitely not one of them. We prefer a certain smartphone model over another, or opt for a certain manufacturer. The devices we use can differ. But when it comes to binging, Netflix is popping on all those screens!

One way or another, Netflix has changed how we view movies and visual content in general. Cord-cutting moved us away from the traditional cable. And televisions nowadays are dominated by online providers. On top of all, comes Netflix. We all love it, and won’t hate to admit it.

We’d like to take this opportunity and ‘educate’ you on how to binge harder and smarter next time! With these 10 tips and tricks you didn’t know about Netflix, you’re in for a good change:

  • Find Your Next Favorite Show Faster:

We all get stuck in the feed of Netflix every once and a while. You start going places you don’t want to go, and the whole platform becomes a meaningless stream of thumbnails. If you can relate to that, you might need some help.

Other free services and websites have made it possible for many Netflix viewers to understand its vast catalogue of content. Some examples would be Just Watch and, of course, Flixable. These sites try to help you navigate Netflix better through showing what’s popular recently, new filters and other cool stuff! Don’t be too shy to go and check it out.

  • Netflix Has More Categories than You Think!

Have you looked into Netflix categories and thought they were too little? Well, that’s actual reality. For no apparent reason, the site doesn’t show as much filters and categories to navigate its lists of movies. There’s a website called What’s On Netflix that offers wide variety of categories and filter to pick your next show based on your precise preferences.

All you have to do is to pick a category you like, gets its code from the source we just mentioned, and edit the Netflix link as follows: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/TYPECODE

 And there you go! You’ve unlocked a massive amount of filters to see what’s really on Netflix, instead of the boring feed that always drives you away.

  • Delete Your Embarrassing History:

Every once and a while, you might find yourself watching something rather ridiculous. You don’t know what made you click on the thumbnail in the first beginning. And not a moment too soon, you’re stuck in season five of some cheesy sci-fi drama.

It happens to all of us, and it affects how Netflix suggests new shows in our feed. That’s why you need to filter your ‘behavior.’ Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have an “incognito mode” to hide our shame. We’d have to do it ourselves by going to your My Activity page, and click X on whatever you’d like to erase.

  • Add IMDB and RottenTomato Ratings to Netflix!

How about you take it up a notch and add some ratings to the shows and movies you find on Netflix? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. Now you can have IMDB ratings, some available trailers and much more! Just install this little add-on to your browser, and enjoying picking good things to watch.

  • Are You a Laptop User? Get These Netflix Shortcuts Now!

Sometimes when you’re on the website, you’d like to be quicker with your settings while watching a movie. Say you’ve just served dinner for someone, and they’re just there waiting for you to start the movie night. You don’t want that to take a while, am I right?

Get these shortcuts and you’ll be able to control Netflix on PC better:

Full Screen: F Key

Pause or Play: You can use either Space or Enter

Skip/Rewind: Just the Right & Left keys on your keyboard. One tap would get you 10 seconds in either way. If you hold down the Right key, let’s say, you’ll start fast forwarding. You can hit Space to stop the process once you’re satisfied.

Volume: Up and Down keys, obviously! You can mute the volume altogether with M, and same to get it back on.

  • Stop the Auto-Play, or You’ll Be Lost!

Netflix has made it really comfortable and cozy for you to just start one single episode, and 10 days might pass before you notice. The auto-pay setting is really good when you’re binging with people. Some tend to take breaks in the middle, and get the rest of the group back to reality.

But if you’re in it alone, you need to stop the auto-play to control your watch time. Simply go to your Account page, My Profile and then locate Playback settings to turn it off. And there you go! You’d be making a conscious decision whether to watch another episode or not.

  • Download Shows for the Road:

You’re all set on a road trip, and you’d like for your kids to watch something along the way. Why not prepare it along with the sandwiches? Just download a couple of things from Netflix before you head out. On the Android app, you’ll find that there’s a section marked “Available for Download.” You can pick any of the options provided, and let your kids just hold the tablet while you drive.

  • No More Ads!

Sometimes Netflix runs test ads to experiment something with the platform. If you happened to encounter that before, here’s how to opt out: just go to your Account Page, locate the Settings section and click on Test Participation. You’ll then find an option that reads ‘include me in test and previews.’ Turn it off and you’ve got rid of ads forever!

  • Customize and Control Subtitles:

Netflix has an amazing collection of foreign movies. You don’t want to miss on that as well. If you’re not happy with how the subtitles are shown, just go to Your Account, Your Profile, and right to Subtitle Appearance. You can adjust and mess around as much as you like!

  • An Unblocker for Even More Shows:

Do you know that other countries have different content on Netflix? I know, it’s a little bit surprising. If you’d like to explore more options, you can use a service like Media Hint to fool the website that you’re somewhere else. The service is paid, though.

And that’s it, folks! We hope this little list of trips and tricks have added something to your binging sessions. Let us know in the comments section below which tip has helped you the most. We’d love to hear from you!