Everything you wanted to know about the Samsung Fast Charge Power Bank can be found in this article. Not all cell phone chargers are created the same, nor do they serve the same purpose.

Samsung fast charge power bank

With the importance of cell phones in society these days, it is critical to stay charged and connected all the time, it is just a part of life in our society.

Smartphones are the most popular gadget in the tech world, nearly every person has a smartphone in their pocket, some even have more than one device, but the importance of the phone is the same as it’s battery level. You can always use the regular charging option if you have the time, but the problem starts when people really do not have the time, with meetings, travels, lots of tasks to complete, people sometimes forget to charge their phones but can’t really afford to wait for it to charge, that’s where the power bank comes into play.

If you are looking to charge your phone fast without running into any issues or extra devices, the Samsung Fast Charge Power Bank is exactly what you need. The Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack is a powerhouse to recharge your phone fast, let’s take a look into the specs of this product:

With a modern design close to a Galaxy S7 Smartphone, this backup battery was initially made for Samsung device owners, who can definitely appreciate the design and fast charging benefits. The device offers a 5,200mAh capacity, that is more than enough for fast charging on an emergency situation when you find yourself without a regular charger.


The Battery Pack looks just like a facedown Galaxy phone, with a similar build to the Galaxy S7, it has a gold or silver body with a nice finish to the sides. The dimensions are also similar, [5.6 by 2.7 by 0.4 inches (HWD) and 5.4 ounces]. You will not have any trouble with the weight, it’s a very light device for carrying in your pocket or bag.

All the ports are at the top of the charger. You will easily spot a USB port for fast charging (5V/2A output) for compatible Samsung devices (including all in the S and Note series and also the Galaxy Note 4). On our recent test for fast charging, this power bank was able to charge a Galaxy S7 to 50% in nearly 30 minutes, so you could get to 100% in an hour.

The power bank also features a micro USB charging port for the battery itself (micro USB cable is included). The battery works with “pass-through charging”, that means you can charge it while charging other devices at the same time!

Led Power Indicators

This Power Bank has four white LED power indicators, they blink while charging and get solid white when the power is full. You can check the battery status on a status button to the right, when a device is connected to the power bank it starts charging automatically.

Bonus Info

You can find plenty of guides and info available for battery conservation, but what people usually don’t know is that you can work on your phone settings and make not only charge quicker but last longer through the day! Below you will find some tips for doing just that, and you can always use it when time is a limited resource to achieve quicker results.

1- Keep your Software Updated

The big brands on the market release updates for their devices all the time. A lot of people simply do not understand or even see the changes, it can really be annoying to constantly update your phone, but those versions are there for a good reason: Having the latest version of your phone’s software can help make sure your phone is working the best it can, using most battery life possible in an efficient way. All of that also works for security and other improvements on your device.

2- Reduce Brightness/Notifications

bluelight filter for android

The brightness of your screen has more implications than most people can imagine, from forcing the eyes after long hours to headaches and sleeping disorders, if your phone screen’s brightness is too high you can really eat away a lot of the battery life.

Another great option to save battery is to turn off push notifications, those will light up your display even when you’re not around your phone, wasting battery life.

3- Background Battery Use

Almost every phone has a page dedicated to battery usage, typically found on the battery section of your settings. Many apps run and refresh in the background while you’re using other software.  You can choose to allow specific apps to do this, preventing specific apps from doing this can save your battery life.

5 – Battery Saver Option

Another common feature on smartphones is the battery saver option, this is an easy-to-use application that restricts your phone’s capabilities in order to save battery life. Usually, when your phone gets low, you receive a pop-up that lets you turn this feature on with a simple command.


The Battery Pack is enough to charge most smartphones more than once, so you will be fine for a day of work or travel when away from your regular charger. For extended periods of time, we recommend you to use more than one power bank just for safety, carrying more than one power bank will not be a problem because of their size and weight, you can easily carry it on your pocket or luggage.

This article listed tips for boosting your cell phone’s battery in a short period of time, but we strongly advise against making a long-time habit out of using these tips, meaning that rapid and irregular charging methods can cause harm to your phone over time.

It’s best to use these tips and make a habit out of strategically charging your device, rather than making up for lost time with rapid chargers and battery packs on a regular basis.