We all know that the performance of our smartphones is the most integral part of how we choose them. No matter what functionalities or software upgrades it has, the device should perform as smooth as we expect it to be. 

Lots of manufacturers compete with one another to make yet another piece of hardware that would change the game forever. We’ve seen many unknown and upcoming companies making remarkable updates to their production-line and models, creating a place for themselves in this hot market.

But when it comes to the never-ending Android battle, Samsung has always been one of the leaders to provide their users with high-end devices and parts. With that being said, let’s talk about Samsung’s new piece of RAM that is going to take your smartphone experience to the next level:

Samsung New RAM Chips Are Really Fast!

The company has recently released an official announcement regarding the production of their newly developed LPDDR5 RAM chips. These little babies will definitely fire up your smartphone, making it way faster for the gaming experience and more.

Compared to the LPDDR4 module, these chips run on a similar 10 nm process, but can hold up to 5500 mbps of bandwidth, with a 30% percent increase from earlier chips. These 12 GB monsters, according to Samsung, were meticulously manufactured to keep up with future 5G update and other AI features that would be enrolled in most smartphones.

Imagine that these chips will be able to transfer around 44 GB of data in only a matter of a second! This means you can process around 12 HD movies in just a second using this little chip. Not only it’s faster, it’s also way more power efficient. It uses 30% less power to do the same amount of work the old versions did. It’s just incredible how these little minions can affect the future of our beloved smartphones.

When Will the New RAMS Be Available? Which Phones Will Have Them?

Well, the Galaxy Note 10 is said to be released by August this year. So, most probably we won’t be seeing the chip included in that model. Some tech professionals say that the processor of the device doesn’t even support the technology.

So, what does that mean? It means that the integration of this new piece of hardware will not be made possible anytime this year. We’ll have to wait and see when Samsung starts introducing new models that will be released by 2020. But either way, these chips are already in mass production.

Honestly, we don’t really need them at the moment. 5G is still being installed in the United States, and it would take some time for it to reach the public. Once everything is set up, we’ll be seeing lots of manufacturers upgrading their production-line to fit the new technology.

But that’s just great news. Samsung has always been a leader in developing new technology, especially when it comes to RAM memory. The 12 GB LPDDR5 is a beast shackled in a little tiny compartment, waiting to devour your smartphones. We can’t wait to see that, we’re just going to let it happen!