It’s rumored that the new Samsung wireless charger will charge two phones at a time. Well, it’s called the Wireless Charger Duo, obviously, and the company is relying on this product to counter Apple’s AirPower; which is yet to be released, although it was announced almost a year ago.

So, it’s just another Samsung rumor that will soon be officially announced, but the company’s efforts are clearly shown in producing this incredible device with high functionality. As always, the competition is still going on between the two big players; and as Apple is yet to release AirPower due to technical difficulties with manufacturing, Samsung took it upon themselves to produce their own version of it and provide the market with yet another alternative to Apple’s products.

  • What Is Wireless Charger Duo?

It’s rumored that the charger will be able to charge two Qi-capable smartphones, or a phone and a Galaxy Watch. Also, the charging pads of the new gadget support fast charging, which is pretty adequate.

As you may have heard, Apple’s AirPower is going to support charging three devices at a time, which makes it a winner in this challenge. However, having an alternative that is offering less will definitely make it cheaper. Samsung’s designs are usually fascinating, and most users won’t need to charge more than two devices at the same time.

  • How Much Will Samsung’s New Wireless Charger Be?

Well, according to the person who leaked the news of the charger, it will cost around $72. It’s not much, honestly, but it’s still a lot for a charger. AirPower is definitely going to cost way more, and that makes Wireless Charger Duo a better alternative for those who seek quality and decent designs.

There are already other alternatives on the market, but I believe nothing would compare to Samsung’s manufacturing. All we have are rumors at the time, and we’d have to wait for an official announcement to see the charger for ourselves. We predict that this particular charger is going to appeal to customers and make the niche of wireless charging grow a little bit more.

It’s amazing that technology has reached the point where you can simply charge your phone wirelessly. New developments in the game are being released every day, and the competition is just ongoing. Do you think Samsung is going to dominate the market with its new wireless charger? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.