Send Text Messages Without Internet or Cell Service from Any Phone in 2022

Would you like to send text messages without using internet for free? Well, I believe we all want that. You might be already subscribed to a plan with your provider that allows SMS messaging at a reasonable rate. But if you’re not, there’s a solution.

We know that using Facebook’s Messenger can sometimes be much more convenient. But you might get into a situation where you have no internet access. It happens, we’ve all been there.

Fortunately, our good developers that are flooding Google’s Play Store with apps have just the right thing for you. In this article, we’re going to introduce some apps on the market that will let you send text messages without using any internet connection. Not only that, but each application has customization options, unique emojis, and much more.

Let’s go ahead and let you check them out for yourself:


GroupMe is just incredible! It offers you the ability to chat to any phone number you like. Not only that, but you can also chat to an email address. You get to customize a lot of options and block the ones that annoy you on the platform.

You can also connect to your beloved platform on laptop or desktop. Obviously, the application is available in the US and applies the standard rates you’d get from any company. It looks cool on your phone. If you’re into offline messaging apps, this one is highly praised by its users.


Another great example that should be mentioned is Hike. This app gives you a lot of amazing features besides offline messaging. While you’re chatting with your friends and loved ones, you can enjoy live filters to use on your photos and share them with others.

You also get to enjoy a library of 5000+ unique stickers that will definitely lighten up your conversation. Aside from getting cool chat themes, you can hide certain chat bubbles and secure them with a password. Only you can access those.

It’s a little bit sneaky, looks a little bit sketchy, but we love it! Hop onto Hike and experience the marvelous technology of SMS texting in a new light.


This is one of the most popular offline messaging apps worldwide. GoSMSPro has around 100 million users actively using the service. It’s a really simple app that doesn’t sacrifice customizability and does what it’s intended to do perfectly.

What makes this one better than most of the other options on the market is that it offers encryption over the sent messages. This makes it more secure and trustworthy. But GoSMSPro is all about the fun, too. It features customizable themes for the chat so you can have fun with your friends.

Using the app, you can also filter your spam calls and block them. You can organize your chat tabs according to your preferences, giving some more priority. You can also block other contacts and report them. Head to the Play Store and give it a try!

Pulse SMS

Another great & safe choice would be Pulse SMS. The app works fairly well, and it provides complex encryption system that will keep your information secure. You can block numbers, contact the ones you already have on your phone; and you can even mess around with automated replies. It’s just an incredible little tool. Use your imagination and you can get a ton of benefits out of it.

But what makes it stand out from the crowd is that it works across different platforms. You can use Pulse on your mobile phone, tablet, or even your desktop! This makes it a lot easier to connect with your loved ones no matter what device they’re using. Definitely worth a try for this specific reason.


Handcent by far is the wisest choice when you’re looking for a decent app that supports SMS messaging. This nifty little thing tries harder than other alternatives on the market. The whole design just looks incredibly elegant.

You get a cool popup window whenever you receive a message. It also comes with something that is highly praised by many users. The app has this amazingly designed dark mode that you can activate whenever you want. It looks awesome in the dark and definitely saves a ton of battery.

But what makes this particular app a killer is that you can send messages without having to rely on data or phone signal. It comes with integrated Dual SIM support, so you may send messages from two numbers to all devices including laptops and desktops.

That’s it for now, AndroidLane readers. Regular WiFi texting is just too cluttered up with other elements from social media. If you feel like going old school, check out these amazing SMS messaging apps that will change the whole experience for you.

Let us know in the comments below which one you like best. We appreciate your inputs highly.