Enjoy Pokemon Go Inside Your Home!

Have you ever thought about playing Pokemon Go inside your home? Well, nothing is impossible in 2020. You can now enjoy the game with all its features without having to go around the city.

Due to this Covid-19 pandemic, we are all instructed to stay at home for our safety and that of others. Before this situation, the “Pokémon Go” game played an important role in social bonding and gearing up the mental and physical health of its players. However, after this epidemic broke out, every one of almost every nation is prohibited from going outside and has to remain in a lockdown situation.

In this rather boring summer, you can again succumb to the game “Pokémon Go” to enjoy your home stay a bit more. Niantic, the developers of the game, have done some eccentric changes to make it more home-friendly.

Stay Home with Pokemon Go!

On March 12 this year, Niantic has released the latest update of the game which consists of new features and some home-friendly changes. These include:

  • The incense duration applied to players has been increased to one hour which previously was half an hour.
  • Also, the duration of eggs to be hatched has been minimized to half, so players won’t have to wait that much.
  • The game has started giving away a massive number of gifts more than they ever did. And to top it all, the inventory space for gifts and items has been increased to 20 slots.
  • Wild spawned Pokémon will now be increased on a wider scale.

On March 23, another update was published with around 100 new Pokeballs and many more incense bundles that should be available to users by March 30. The gamers, who already had bought Safari Zone Tickets before, will be getting a bonus time of around eight hours and the possibility to complete all of Safari Zone Tasks from the comfort of their home.

Another update called ‘Today View’ is going to facilitate how players get to know about new events and updates. There will also be more updates coming to help players adjust to the new situation and not forsake their favorite game.

It’s a really nice move by the developers to make all of these changes, so players would still enjoy Pokemon Go. Let us know in the comments below if you’re going to try out the new version of the game. We’re honestly pretty excited to try it out and compare the experience to what we already know.