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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – A Stylish Retro Device!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review

Do you remember foldable phones? Well, Samsung has come back with an incredible addition to the market of smartphones. Its new model is called Galaxy Z Flip. The earlier Galaxy fold received a lot of criticism,  and the company was determined to work even harder on the model.  Looking at …

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5 Best Podcast Apps for Your Android Smartphone in 2020

Best Podcast Apps for Android in 2020

The great thing about podcasts is that you can just listen to them wherever you are. When you’re driving back from work, or you’re just sitting at home babysitting your sister’s kids, it’s a good way to kill your boredom and and listen to something valuable. The art of podcasts …

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Top 6 Sideload VR Apps to Enjoy the Virtual World

Top Sideload VR Apps in 2020

If you own a VR Gear, chances are that you can’t find most apps on the Google Play store. That’s completely normal, you don’t have to worry. We’ve got just the thing for you.  If you already surf the web you’ve probably came across something called sideload VR. This nifty …

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Red Magic 3: Powerful Gaming Phone with Amazing Design

You’ve got to respect Nubia for the incredible job they’ve done on this amazingly cheap smartphone. It has all the specifications you’d need, a unique interface that can’t be compared to something else, and a fairly good price. Nubia is a Chinese company that was part of ZTE before. Their …

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