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Is the Fingerprint Sensor on Android Necessary?

Android Phone Lock

We’re definitely not talking about the actual part of the screen where you push your finger. We’re more concerned with the actual functionality of the fingerprint sensor; and the idea of giving your fingerprint data to an Android smartphone in the first place.  More people are becoming aware of the …

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Netflix is Losing Subscribers in the States, and Here’s Why

Netflix is at the top of the streaming game so far. It has proven its success through producing amazing series, and upgrading their platform regularly. But nothing stays the same. Streaming services are becoming more and more popular these days.  The demand has become so high with many people appealing …

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Samsung Introduces 12 GB LPDDR5 RAM Chips in Production

We all know that the performance of our smartphones is the most integral part of how we choose them. No matter what functionalities or software upgrades it has, the device should perform as smooth as we expect it to be.  Lots of manufacturers compete with one another to make yet …

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Android 10 Will Have These New Features and More!

We should expect the release of Android 10 this fall, and we can’t really wait anymore. A couple of beta versions have been released already for certain phones, so users can try some of the features out. Google is receiving feedback and working accordingly. While we wait for the full …

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