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How to Clear the Clipboard on Android Devices

This is how you can clear your clipboard

The functionality of copying and pasting stuff on Android has become so easy. Whenever you simply click on something, it’s copied to your clipboard. You can then paste it whenever you like. The same thing goes for clearing the clipboard on your Android phone. Ever sent someone a link by …

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – A Stylish Retro Device!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review

Do you remember foldable phones? Well, Samsung has come back with an incredible addition to the market of smartphones. Its new model is called Galaxy Z Flip. The earlier Galaxy fold received a lot of criticism,  and the company was determined to work even harder on the model.  Looking at …

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Samsung Introduces 12 GB LPDDR5 RAM Chips in Production

We all know that the performance of our smartphones is the most integral part of how we choose them. No matter what functionalities or software upgrades it has, the device should perform as smooth as we expect it to be.  Lots of manufacturers compete with one another to make yet …

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