Block Pop Up Ads on Android

Credits: Search Engine Land

Experiencing damaged browsers and pop up ads is a nightmare for some people especially if you spend most of your time on PC or on your Android smartphone. These ads are full of viruses, and affect the system of either device badly.

It’s not impossible to get rid of your unwanted sites that open automatically with only one click. You can choose whether to install an anti-malware app, or do it yourself.If you prefer doing it yourself, then follow these simple steps:

  • Delete the damaged apps, and the recently downloaded apps.
  • Make sure to keep your history searches clean and neat. You can do that by opening your browser, then open history and clean it.
  • Prevent sites from damaging your device through entering your setting, then click on apps followed by allowing permission. Last but not least, turn off the notifications permission.
  • Finally, if you want to fully get rid of the unwanted sites that open automatically, then enhancing the protection of your phone is the wisest choice. You can do that by downloading an application for security threats and viruses. For extra protection, don’t open the unreliable sites or messages as these sites can get access to your personal information.

While displaying ads is how most good publishers make a living, implementing disruptive ones is wrong and should not be tolerated.  Google has certain guidelines on the websites that get indexed. They usually remove those lots pop ups and suspicious ads.

If you find yourself on a website that looks a bit messy, make your best effort to leave. While we love you here on our website, we don’t want you to stay on the ones annoying you. Proper techniques and relevant advertising is not harmful to those watching.

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