Onn Walmart Tablets at a Great Price!

Whenever you think about buying tech devices, we always overlook Walmart. No matter what they have to offer, we’re just convinced there are better deals somewhere else. Well, the store has some really good tablet deals at the moment that are just too cheap to ignore.

Walmart has this brand called Onn, which will release three Android tablets this very week. The tablets have already been released on their website with their models and specifications. What’s amazing about these tablets is the incredibly cheap price they come at.

When it comes to electronic devices, you always pay for what you get. That’s just how things go. Although these tablets are not the most efficient options on the market, they’re still pretty decent for their budget.

Let’s go ahead and explore these new devices:

Onn Walmart Tablets

Walmart is releasing a trio of tablets under its brand called Onn. These new devices will most definitely not replace the iPad and go head-to-head with Apple. If you’re looking for something with high-end specifications, this might not be the most feasible option for you.

However, these devices come at a decent price that should serve a wider consumer-base than that of Apple’s. If you’re looking for a cheap option to carry around and not worry much about, you might want to look into Walmart’s Onn devices. According to online reviews, the tablets work fairly efficient, and deliver a decent Android experience for their users.

  • What are the Specifications of Walmart’s Onn Tablets?
Onn vs Amazon Fire

The brand offers three models at the moment: one comes with an 8-inch screen. The other two feature a 10-inch screen, one of which has a detachable keyboard. But the three models don’t differ when it comes to other specifications.

Onn’s tablets feature a 1.3GHz quad core processor, 16 GB of internal storage and 2 GB of RAM memory. The front camera comes at 0.3 pixels, along with a 2-megapixel rear camera. The three devices will run Android 9 operating system, which is Google’s latest updated OS.

As you can see, these devices are far from being compared to iPad models. However, they weren’t intended to compete with Apple. As a matter of fact, these particular tablets will be decent competition to mid-budget devices on the market, like Amazon models for example.

  • How Much Do Onn Tablets Cost?

What makes these devices a viable option to consider is their fairly cheap price. You could get five of these for the price of only one iPad. If you’re getting the cheapest model with an 8-inch screen, you’ll pay only $64. If you pay just a little bit more, you’ll get the 10-inch screen at just $79. If you’d also like your tablet to feature a detachable keyboard, you’ll pay $99 for Walmart’s most expensive Onn tablet.

As you can see, these devices cost a dime compared to other manufacturers. They still work pretty great. You can play games, surf the web, or just catch up with friends through What’s App and Facebook.

  • Can Onn Tablets Replace iPad?

Most certainly not! However, these devices will perform just as good as mid-budget phones out there. We’ve reviewed lots of tablets manufactured by companies other than the big players, and most of them sucked!

But Walmart has actually done a good job with Onn. They don’t claim to do wonders, and they deliver exactly what they’re capable of. Compared to Fire 7, the devices offer 2 GB of RAM instead of one. This will definitely let you run way more apps and games.

According to one Onn user, the device ran a game called Stardew Valley for an hour without any lags or problems. Other common apps work just fine, marking the device a viable Android option.

  • What about the Design of Walmart Tablets?
Android Onn Cheap Laptops

Well, the Onn tablets look just as expected. The device doesn’t feature any new innovative designs. It just looks like an ordinary tablet, and that’s a good thing. The brand didn’t go overboard with the design to keep the price as low as possible, and the result is just satisfying.

It’s plain and offers a power/lock button, a headphone jack, USB port for the charger and an ordinary SD card slot. It feels quite solid in your hands, though, compared to its cheap price. It doesn’t feature any flashy logos or anything (just a plain small logo in gray on the back).

  • What Does the Software Offer?
Android Onn Tablets Software

Well, instead of Amazon’s Fire HD app kit, the Onn tablets come with Walmart’s pre-installed apps and software. They work just as efficient, and no reported errors have been talked about so far.

Overall, Walmart’s new tablet devices come at a fairly cheap price for the offered specifications. You can basically do on the tablet whatever you do on your phone, as long as it doesn’t require high-end specifications and RAM memory.

We believe Onn’s devices will be a great contender against cheap tablet products on the market. We’ve seen other devices that perform way less better than these, and they even come at a far more expensive price.

They’re still pretty new and untested for long-term stability, but Walmart’s new tablets mark a great addition to the market’s low-budget products. We’re always thrilled to review tech devices by companies other than Apple and Samsung. The competition is always a good thing to bring out the best for the consumer’s benefit.

What do you think of Onn Tablets? Will you be picking up one yourself? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!