Soon enough, every single person on this planet will be a smartphone owner. It’s a growing epidemic, and we’re letting it happen because we like it. Smart devices are like our little buddies who are always there for the rescue and the giggles. But sometimes, reality demands more of our attention.

We all know that driving and texting is a no-no kind of activity. We always have that on mind and try not to mess around our phones while we’re on the road. We abide to the rules, and we understand that they’re there for a reason. But one way or the other, our subconscious minds refuse to conform.

As we use our smartphones on daily basis, whether we’re driving or not, it becomes a habit that sticks. Whether we like it or not, we’re still using our electronic devices wherever, whenever. There’s a really interesting documentary that has addressed the matter in ways we haven’t explored before:

New Documentary Reveals How Much We Use Phones While Driving:

Here comes this Academy Award-winning filmmaker to remind through a 20-minute documentary on Youtube of how our habits govern our actions. Some of us are aware enough to realize it. Others try as much as they can to have control over their behaviors. And quite a few are completely oblivious to what they have been up to.

Through this documentary, multiple people are interviewed to be asked certain questions or to provide a comment on the matter. Somehow, while talking to regular drivers just like us, some things are revealed.

When some drivers were asked whether they tend to use their phones while driving, they claimed not to. However, the documentary clearly shows actual footage of those people with eyes on the screen and not the road ahead. One driver was shocked when shown their footage, realizing how much one can be unaware of their behavioral patterns.

How It Happens and You Don’t Realize It:

There are laws against distracted drivers for a reason. Day by day, you get comfortable around your car seat. It just becomes a secondary home as you get stuck in traffic regularly, drop your friends somewhere or just go for a meaningless ride to think your life over.

You’re a person who usually doesn’t like to break the rules just for the heck of it. But when you get to that point of familiarity with your vehicle, your body begs to differ. It gets to a point where you’re not fully aware that you’re constantly using your phone while driving. Maybe you’re immersed in thought, and would like to calculate a quick equation to reach a certain conclusion in your head in regards to your weekly finances. You sneakily reach out with your hand to that phone, just for a second… you think.

But it’s always something or the other, and by the end, you’re just another driver who thinks they’re promoting safe conduct on the road. You always think that your eyes should stay on the road, and that it always matters. But in reality, that’s not what happens.

Have You Ever Watched Yourself Drive?

One thing about this amazing documentary is that drivers get to watch and criticize their own driving behavior. They look at themselves when they’re most oblivious of their actions. The realization is one of the main stages onto improving this horrendous behavior.

You just need to stop for a second and ask yourself: have I seen myself drive a car before?

At times, a close friend is in the car to remind us that we’re speeding a bit unintentionally. You’ve obviously had this interaction before. This should give you even more proof of what you’re capable of when you’re not paying attention.

We want you focused and not panicked on the road, of course. But always bear in mind that it just takes a second of looking the other way, and a life is taken off this earth. You need to realize that one glass on your phone’s screen can equal your life and that of another.

What Should You Do about This?

Try as much as you can to be aware of your smartphone activity throughout the day. Sometimes we pick our phones and go on social media, just to find ourselves wasting more than an hour scrolling through meaningless stuff. This kind of behavior leads us to screen-addiction, and affects even our driving.

Take a moment before starting that engine to think about what you’re about to go through. You’re responsible for not only your life, but those on the road and your loved ones in the car. It’s always better to get into that headspace before actually driving.

It’s amazing how a short 20-minute video can show us a different side of the story. Being awake and responsible on the road is a principle we all should abide to. Watch the video we provided a link for in the above section, and you might unravel something about yourself you didn’t know.

Do you think you use your smartphone while driving more than you think? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!