9 Best Parental Control Apps on Android

In the age of smartphones, each one of us is equally vulnerable to the damaging material that is widespread on the internet. However, our children, being immature, are more prone to get distracted due to the bad temptations of technology. Thousands of new applications are launched every day on the Google Play Store, covering multiple categories like racing, shooting, dating, social networking, etc.; however, the majority of them are not suitable for our children’s use.

Children, not having their own smartphones, demand their parent’s phones for recreational purposes, and they do not take no for an answer. Parents have no other option except handing over their phones to them, knowing that the phones contain a lot of personal data, their bank accounts, pictures, private conversations, and so forth. On the other hand, parents equally worry about their adolescents who have got their own smartphones. They continually worry that their child may access harmful content available on the internet or may misuse the device

Well, for all the parents surrounded by similar concerns, this article is a life-time hack. It will let you know about the best parental control apps on Android that would help to minimize most of your worries pertaining to misuse of the technology. After all, you want to raise your children in a protected environment.

The Best Parental Control Apps on Android

Briefly, parental control apps are made with the intent of helping a parent or baby sitter in limiting the usage of smartphones in hands of the children. These multipurpose apps not only address your grievances but also give you leverage over your child’s device. They can minimize the threat of misuse, cyberbullying, information theft, and exposure to adult content. You can also monitor the activities on your adolescent child’s phone.

Here is a list of the best parental control apps on Android that all parents must try:

9. Parental Control Screen Time Website Blocker

Parental Control Screen Time Website Blocker

It is general, yet one of the highest rated applications available on the Play store. Despite its multi-functionality, the app is quite easy to use. It is password protected and allows you to monitor your child’s device with your phone. Its salient features are Web blocking, Screen time-out, App restrictions, Daily usage scheduling, Child tracking, and so on. Except for a few features, this app is totally free to use.

8. Parental Control: Screen Time & Location Tracker

Parental Control - Screen Time & Location Tracker

As the name mentions, the app gives you control over your phone’s features and its accessibility. With this app, you can restrict the data usage, installation of apps, screen time-out, calling and texting, and access to a number of websites on your phone. It also enables you to set a time-limit for your child’s playtime. Now, you can easily hand over your phone to your cute little baby without wondering what they might do.

7. Parental control Kroha — Screen Time & Night Mode

Parental Control Kroha - Screen Time & Night Mode

YouTube monitoring, safe searching, application blocking, GPS tracking, domain restricting, and most importantly the Eye Protector feature, are the astonishing features of this app. For all those parents, who fear that their child might intrude onto social media, personal messages, and banking applications, this app is the best solution. It will allow you to password-protect your applications so that they cannot be misused when your kid takes your phone.

The app is free and it holds a good standing on the Play Store.

6. FamiSafe — Parental Control and Location tracker

FamiSafe - Parental Control & Location Tracker

Get the power to locate your child’s live location, filter web browsing, and restrict other suspicious activities. Install this app on your child’s mobile and remain updated with all the ventures they do in their friend’s circle. The app permits you to block threatening content and protect your child against cyberbullying. Its most prominent feature is geofencing i.e. you can mark the places, like school, playground, or nanny’s house, as safe zones for your child by creating virtual fences.

Owing to its astonishing features and superb demand, this app requires a purchase after a three-day free trial period.

5. mLite Family Phone Tracker, GPS location app

mLite Family Phone Tracker, GPS Location App

Quite akin to FamiSafe, this app also gives real-time location with the Geofencing feature, allowing you to stay informed about your children’s whereabouts. It automatically blocks the age-restricted videos on YouTube and Dailymotion. Moreover, The app’s security is inviolable meaning that your child cannot halt or uninstall this app from their phone without your consent.

The free version has limited features, whereas, upon once purchasing the app, you can utilize its full potential.

4. Kids Zone — Parental Controls & Child Lock

 Kids Zone - Parental Controls & Child Lock

A very basic and user-friendly application designed to help parents monitor their kid’s activities from their phone. Just like a child lock in your car’s door, this app also creates a similar situation on your child’s phone to guard them against negative adventures.

This app is free, light, and can be operated from any device. It also sends you daily activity reports about what your child has been doing. You can also choose whom your child connects with, and what he shares on social media. Either you are a working woman or a father who works out of the station, get this app, and remotely monitor children’s mobiles from anywhere and any time.

3. Kids Place — Parental Control and Child Lock

Kids Place - Parental Control & Child Lock

With this app, you and only you decide what your child explores and there is no way your child can escape the safety measures set upon by you.

This app serves a dual purpose i.e. it can be run on both the parent’s and the child’s phone. Similar to the aforementioned apps, this app contains all parenting control features. Additional features may include password protection for certain apps, restricted entry into phone settings, and alert alarms if the restrictions are violated by your baby.

2. ESET Parental Control

ESET Parental Control

Web guards, App monitoring, GPS tracking, Time-based Restrictions, and a lot of other exciting features come with this app just for free. This app ensures safety on both your and your child’s phone. It automatically blocks inappropriate web pages. The best part is, the app can be run through a tablet and your office’s laptop to keep you notified

This app sends you daily comprehensive reports about all the activities made by your child on the phone.

1. SecureKids

Parental Control SecureKids

Install this app into your phone and it will stop your child from reading your notifications and messages, and accessing your personal information. It will also restrain them from making any online purchases, phone calls, changing your device’s settings, or launching other applications. You can also hide your personal data and make your Android phone a secure and friendly device for your innocent ones. This application auto-locks the device after a certain time, thus, limiting your child’s overall usage.

Keeping your child safe is a priority on each parent’s mind. Technology can be utilized to help your child learn more about the world. It can also be used as a guardian when you’re not around. Make sure to try out these options, and stick to the ones that serve you the best.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve used any of these before. We’re always happy to hear your input!